15 Day Hawaii Cruise Round-Trip From California $999

15 Day Hawaii Cruise Round-Trip From California $999

January 11, 2012. Here’s a great idea for a first time Hawaii vacation that doesn’t require being on any airplanes, staying in any hotels, or eating in any restaurants. Based on that, it just can’t get much cheaper than this.

This is a round-trip cruise from Southern California on the highly regarded Celebrity Century. You don’t have just one date to choose from but instead there are four sailings at this price. Act quickly for a no airline trip to Hawaii.

Here’s today’s Hawaii Travel Deal:

Cost: $999 net per person. Based on $1,099 less $100 per person credit.

Ship: Celebrity Century.

Itinerary: Round trip from San Diego. Itineraries can vary and may includes stops in Honolulu, Maui, Kona, Hilo and Ensenada.

Departures: October 5, 20, November 4, 19.

Where to book: cruisedirect.com.

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  1. Jimbo (3 years ago)

    Now the only thing you can do is one better. Take a one way on a cruise ship to hawaii to the destination island you prefer, go back in 2 to 3 weeks either by ship or air. The first Cruise ship that starts that sort of trip, is going to get my business. 10 days of the cruise you are mentioning is the sailing. you wouldn’t believe the number of Cruise lines I have talked to but they seem to be afraid of their computers..they don’t know how to sell one ways.