5 Kauai Visitors Drown in One Month | Hawaii Beach Safety

When five die in just one month, on one Hawaiian island, you have to ask what is wrong with this picture. In the past two days alone, a 71 year old Colorado woman drowned at Poipu Beach and a 51 year old Canadian man drowned at Wainiha. For all of 2012, only two drowned here on Kauai.

It is of paramount importance again to get the word out about neither underestimating the ocean in Hawaii nor overestimating one’s skills in our waters.

Know Hawaii ocean conditions before heading out

Whether a local or a visitor, all of us must understand and respect the beach and ocean conditions. As a visitor, drownings are one of the greatest hazards faced on a Hawaii vacation.

With a variety of beach and ever changing conditions, it is usually possible to find a safe place to enjoy the ocean in Hawaii. Choosing which beach is safe for your skills on any given day is imperative. Swim where there is a lifeguard and ask if unsure about safety. We also suggest swimming along the shoreline rather than straight out into the ocean.

Once you get in trouble in the water, it is often too late. One thought is for all of us, both visitors and residents, to be aware of not only our own ocean safety but those around us. Most beaches on Kauai now have rescue tube stations. Check for their location when enjoying our beaches.

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