Alaska Announces Bellingham/Maui $179 Ea Way

Alaska Announces Bellingham/Maui $179 Ea Way

Alaska Air has just announced another new Hawaii route together with a terrific introductory Hawaii travel deal. The new service is set to commence on November 8. The flights will operate four times weekly and are seasonal at this point and scheduled to end on April 14.

[pullquote] This offer makes possible a fall and early winter Hawaii vacation with a savings of hundreds of dollars. [/pullquote]

This additional airlift should result in improved competition in the Northwest corridor leading to better pricing for Hawaii vacation bound travelers in Washington, British Columbia and surrounding areas. Bellingham is located only 22 miles from the border making it an excellent and economical airport for Canadian visitors.

Alaska will offer free carry on bags, advance seat selection, complementary beverages including Mai Tai’s, and frequent flyer accrual. A hot meal is available for $6.

Allegiant also recently announced Bellingham to Maui service, which is scheduled to commence November 17, 2012. When it was announced on May 15, there was an introductory fare offered of $199 each way, all inclusive.

Today’s Hawaii travel deal

  • Book at: Alaska Airlines
  • Route: Bellingham, Washington to Kahului (Maui), Hawaii
  • Introductory price: $179 each way, all inclusive
  • Purchase by: July 3
  • Travel dates: November 8 through December 24

VIP Alerts subscribers for Bellingham received advance notice of this deal.

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  1. L. Alvarado (3 years ago)

    Thanks Jeff!…I should have looked into going when it was 99 but I couldn’t get all the kids schedule’s to jive! I’m hoping it goes down again soon I know a lot of people that want to head out to Hawaii only thing stopping is the air fair!

    I’m sure if it gets 99 again you’ll have it posted ans ill be all over it!


    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Don’t hold your breath for $99. That was then and the economy is different now. I’d be plenty happy to see $159-$179 each way all inclusive fares.

  2. L. Alvarado (3 years ago)

    Please answer me this question….Why is it I can fly from LAX or ONT California to NY cheaper than I can Fly to Hawaii?? It makes NO sense!!!

    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      It’s all about supply and demand. Although there are a number of carriers, there is actually very little competitive drive in the LA to Hawaii market at present. It’s like a pendulum though and I think it is likely to change. As you may recall, two years ago we had a very long run of $99 fares from LA to Hawaii.