Allegiant Adds Another Route and a New Tactic

Allegiant Adds Another Route and a New Tactic

Up and coming Hawaii airline Allegiant Air will announce yet another new route to the islands later today. This in addition to many other routes recently they’ve added, including the latest from Spokane and Boise. This is sure to be great news for those planning a Hawaii vacation from anywhere in the south west.


Starting in early February, the carrier will fly three times weekly between Phoenix-Mesa and Honolulu.


What’s different for Allegiant about this new route is that they face significant competition, albeit from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, just 13 miles away. Both Hawaiian Air and US Airways fly to Hawaii from that airport. Allegiant’s model has previously been to add routes that were either not served or under served. It is hard to know if a 13 mile drive can create a new market, so it will be interesting to see what if any competitive response will be generated by this new entry.

Phoenix hasn’t very many great Hawaii travel deals in recent times, as the competition between Hawaiian and US Air is relatively stagnant. You may recall that now defunct discount carrier ATA once flew between Phoenix and Honolulu.

Promotional Airfares

It is likely that there will be great promotional fares revealed by Allegiant today together with the service announcement. Word is to expect $199 each way, including tax. Please check back later and we’ll update you with the pricing.

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  1. Carrie (2 years ago)

    I live in Phoenix and have flown Allegiant from the Mesa airport. I predict there will be more people in the East Valley, living near Mesa, who would opt to fly Allegiant than people living in central Phoenix or the West Valley, due to closer proximity to Sky Harbor. However, if people can buy a $400 versus $600 or higher fare round trip I’m pretty sure they will be willing to drive the extra 13 miles. I work for a large organization and many of my colleagues fly to Hawaii every year. The top choice for flights is based on what they can afford. I have already surveyed them just out of curiosity, and very few chose Hawaiian Air because it is usually higher priced and US Airways usually has cheaper fares for Phoenix. I prefer Hawaiian Airlines though and will pay a little extra to have the convenience of a direct flight between the hours of an 8 am departure to HI and a midnight rather than next day arrival in Phoenix. If Allegiant has reliable service next year, I might try them out at least once but if Hawaiian Air is offering a comparable price to Oahu then I would stick with HA.