Allegiant Air Hawaii Deals From $120+ Each way

Allegiant Air Hawaii Deals From $120+ Each way

There are more Hawaii deals today, this time from up and coming carrier Allegiant Air.

Allegiant recently announced service to Hawaii from Bellingham, Eugene, Fresno, Las Vegas, Monterey, Santa Maria and Stockton. Flights are to Honolulu except Bellingham which are to both Honolulu and Maui. Service starts later this month from Las Vegas and Fresno, with the remainder coming online in November.

Some of these routes still have special inaugural rates available if you can act quickly.

Here’s today’s Hawaii travel deal:

Airline: Allegiant Air

Routes and cheapest available prices:

  • Bellingham/Honolulu: $120+
  • Bellingham/Maui: $170+
  • Eugene/Honolulu: $150+
  • Fresno/Honolulu $130+
  • Las Vegas/Honolulu $130+
  • Monterey/Honolulu $170+
  • Santa Maria/Honolulu $170+
  • Stockton/Honolulu $170+

Availability: Varies greatly by route. Check Allegiant website and use availability calendar. Some dates are available nearly all Fall and into Winter, others (like Eugene, have dates near the Christmas holidays). Others have only limited spotty availability (like Santa Maria).

Dates: Through mid-January, which is as far out as Allegiant is currently booking.

Note: Prices shown above are one-way, and before tax of approximately $20. Shown on Allegiant site including tax.

VIP Alerts subscribers for Bellingham and Las Vegas received advance notice of these deals.

VIP Alerts are advance deal notifications via text or email for just your city. If you’re not already a Facebook fan, here’s a good reason to give it a try. 

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  1. Omeed Nagahi (2 years ago)

    How about Feb 22nd come back early march

  2. Adrienne Jacobsen (3 years ago)

    will the Bellingham-Honolulu $120. price still be in effect in late December?? Probably not, but am asking anyway

    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Hi Adrienne.

      No that price is not available then. Late December is peak travel season when the airlines typically charge the highest prices of the year to/from Hawaii.