Amazing Hawaii Deal | Canada $269 Round Trip Total

Amazing Hawaii Deal | Canada $269 Round Trip Total

This Hawaii deal won’t apply to most people, but is interesting nonetheless. It is only valid from Lihue Kauai to Edmonton Alberta Canada and does not work starting in the opposite direction. The value offered however is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past few years. Over 4,000 miles each way (as it is routed) for $269 total round trip (which includes $61 in taxes). Also interesting, the fare is valid through the end of the UAL schedule (330 days from now).

So is this airfare a mistake? Probably not. What is the reason to offer this for so much less than United’s cost to transport you? I’m not sure.

We always keep an eye out for great Hawaii airfares beginning either on the U.S. and Canada Mainland as well as in Hawaii. This odd ball fare is just that. But I’m looking forward to spending some time in the Canadian national parks this summer at the historic Jasper Park Lodge with the money I saved on airfare. We’ll cover our stay on Beat of Hawaii. Mahalo United.

Hawaii to Canada Deal

Today’s Hawaii Deal

  • Note: this deal is now expired.
  • Route: Lihue Kauai (LIH) to Alberta Canada (GEG).
  • Price: $269-$276 round trip, all inclusive.
  • Airline: United Airlines.
  • Travel dates: Next 330 days. Not all days; many weekends in summer are already sold old.
  • Book by: ASAP as this could be gone at any time.

Note: If you’re a United regular, this is just the ticket to accruing the miles on the cheap. 

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  1. Kit (2 years ago)

    After 4 years of High School Hell my son will be graduating this May. He was born on Maui and I promised him I’d try to take him there for graduating. Any help or suggestions on how I can do this on a budget would be welcome. Any timeshares I might rent for a week in June or July, airfare deals coming up, anything would be welcome. Thanks!

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 years ago)

      Hi Kit.

      Congratulations to you and your son. If you plan on coming from early June through mid-August I don’t expect there to be many deals of any kind. That is the peak season and this year is shaping up as the busiest ever here in Hawaii. Starting mid-August there will be airfare sales from the west coast, but they may not be announced until June or even later. Hope that helps.


  2. CCasey (2 years ago)

    Heartbroken! I waited 2 days to hear back from a relative regarding dates and this incredible fare is GONE! I had a whole plan to take my children to my father’s childhood home outside of Edmonton. I should have known better. Beat of Hawaii PLEASE let us know if this ever comes up again, I know its a long shot. I am so sad. Aloha.

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 years ago)

      Hi Casey.

      With that kind of unbelievable fare, unfortunately you do have to act immediately.