Are Groupon Expedia Hawaii Travel Deals Worth It?

Are Groupon Expedia Hawaii Travel Deals Worth It?

Groupon and Expedia have a deal today for a 5-night stay at Honolulu’s Waikiki Gateway Hotel for $399. What I wanted to know were two things. First, was it a good deal, and second, would I want to stay there anyway.

Here are the answers to my questions:

Is it a good deal? Well, not really. I went to the hotel’s website and found that I could get the same quad accommodation room for $68 a night, or $342 for a five night stay. Even better, I found a kitchenette room for only $9 a day more, bringing that total to $380. The only difference between the rates is that “continental breakfast” is included in the Groupon offer. I’m not sure exactly what that’s comprised of but….

Further, based on what we know, in the Groupon model, the hotel is probably only getting about $40 a night. In my experience, hotels have treated me better overall when I haven’t gone through the “deal site” to get the absolutely best price.

How’s the hotel?

If you’ve stayed there, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. A quick scouring of the review sites left me unsure as to whether I’d ever want to bed down or not. For my next Waikiki hotel deal, I’m liking the Hawaii Prince hotel for about $85 which I’ve seen recently on Priceline.

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  1. Colleen (3 years ago)

    I might be tempted only if I knew the venue and knew it to be a REAL DEAL. Yes, discounts are great – but some can be costly. :0(

    I am still here…………………. :0) Dreaming of Hawaii……………….

  2. Colleen (3 years ago)

    One more thing, I emailed LivingSocial, detailing my disappointment and heard absolutely NOTHING from them. So, obviously, LivingSocial offers no customer support either.

    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Hi Colleen,

      Good to hear from you. My experience has also been less than stellar with these deal sites. Sometimes they have worked out and sometimes they have not. I have this horrible Honolulu restaurant experience stuck in my mind. The food was awful, the reviews in retrospect fake, and I’d have done better in every way without the “deal.” Okay, so live and learn. I’m still on the hunt for deals however.



  3. Colleen (3 years ago)

    My only experience with these coupons was purchasing one for a facial and mani/pedi – only to have them call and cancel the day I was to go.Also, even though I live over an hour away from the Salon, they would not allow me to use both coupons the same day. I would not have purchased had I known this.

    In this situation, only one person does the ‘coupon’ work and she got sick. So, customer service often does not exist with these offers. I am out $50 and do NOT intend to reschedule the appointment. I do NOT intend to purchase any other LivingSocial deals either – since LivingSocial customers are not treated equally – at least not at the High End Salon I purchased mine for in St. Louis. Very disappointing and frustrating experience.

    You really do ‘get what you pay for.’

  4. curly (3 years ago)

    We didn’t use groupon for a hotel, but when we went to California & Honolulu in March we had 17 groupons & groupon imitators (LivingSocial, PlayHawaii, Tippr) for restaurants, scuba diving, cruises, it was wonderful, even though we didn’t even use them all. We gave 2 away and saved one for next year because it doesn’t expire until May of 2012! We spent about $400 for them and saved at least $400, in addition to discovering places we probably would have never tried. So we’re big fans.

  5. Jason (3 years ago)

    Thanks for taking the time to point out the reality of some of these travel “deals”

  6. Stephanie (3 years ago)

    HI – the price included the breakfast for two people (they wrote it included eggs, bacon, etc.), valet parking and internet, each day, so was much more value than what you found, I believe.

  7. Sherri Smith (3 years ago)

    I’m a B&B owner in CA and refuse to subscribe to such companies as Groupon, etc. While I do treat all guests the same, I think your concern is valid. Give all your $$ to the hotel–they are NOT making money hand-over-fist. Getting a kitchenette for $9 is worth a lot more than a continental breakfast.