Better Ways To Get To Hawaii Cheap

Better Ways To Get To Hawaii Cheap

I know we’re all looking for Hawaii travel deals and here is one man’s attempt to take matters in his own hands.

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As Maxwell Smart would say, “he missed it by that much.”

Charles Brian Mellor of Spain took off from Monterey on Thursday in a Cessna. His destination was Hilo on the Big Island. After a 12 hour flight he almost made his goal, until his gas ran out with 13 miles to go.

The 65 year old pilot made an emergency landing in the Pacific and was plucked from the waters by the Coast Guard. His goal, however, was not a vacation under the tropical Hawaii sun. Mellor was delivering the twin engine plane to Australia and Hilo was going to be the first stopover en route.


In all seriousness, I’m just glad that it turned out okay and that the pilot was uninjured. That looked like a pretty scary landing. The plane is undoubtedly in a very different situation.

Cessna 310

In case you’re interested in more details (like I am), the 6-seater plane in question was manufactured sometime between 1954 and 1980. The current cost of a used one varies from about $30,000 to more than $150,000. I’ve seen hourly cost estimates in the range of $200-$400.


We’ll deliver deals with enough gas to reach the islands.

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  1. Mike S (3 years ago)

    There could have been much heavier than normal head winds, which he still should have calculated under worst case scenario and even then, add a contingency.

  2. KauaiMark (3 years ago)

    Just wondering what the range that plane had. I understand he called about 100mi out and ended short by just 10 miles.

    Should that plane have made it with fuel to spare?

  3. George Smith (3 years ago)

    That was a perfectly executed ditching! He cam in tail-low, hit on the swell just right to slow the plane so it could settle in, kept the wings level as long as he had aileron control, and kept it upright.
    Being a retractable low-wing helps, no gear to try and flip the plane).

    Good job, too bad his fuel calculations weren’t as good as his emergency procedures. As they say in the hangar, I’m a great pilot … I use my better judgement so I don’t have to exercise my superior skills”.