Bring Pineapples to the Mainland: You Have A Choice

If you want to take Hawaii pineapples home with you to the mainland, just shop around for the best deal and bring them in your carry-on bags. As long as the pineapples are in good condition, agriculture inspectors will not care if you bought them at an airport store or from a local market.

What’s a good condition for pineapples? No bugs, holes and soft spots.

Pineapples are not the only approved item for exporting. The US Department of Agriculture has a complete list for travelers.

Ag Trivia: Hawaii’s plant quarantine program began over a hundred years ago. In 1888 King David Kalakaua decreed that to protect the coffee industry, new coffee plants would not be allowed into the islands. Two years later, laws were enacted to prevent the introduction of injurious insect pests and plant diseases.

What’s your experience with Hawaii Agriculture Inspection?

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  1. mindy (5 years ago)

    Wondering if it’s still ok to bring pineapples back to the mainland.. from Hawaii. Also, if it’s possible to SHIP them to other states (like Ohio) from Hawaii.

    Thank you!