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Chinese Airliners Are On The Way

I’m fascinated by developments in the global civil aviation industry, and wanted to share what I’m learning with you. Since I first wrote about China’s commercial aircraft aspirations 1 1/2 years ago, they have greatly accelerated their efforts. China already has an Airbus A-320 assembly line in full operation at Tianjin. This past June that [...]

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New Alaska Flights Mean Low Bay Area Prices

Today’s announcement from Alaska Airlines is great news for both Hawaii and California’s bay area. Starting in March, the company will offer these new services: Three times a week between San Jose and Maui Four times a week between San Jose and Kona Daily service between Sacramento and Maui This announcement falls right on the [...]

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Go! Mokulele Still Has Some Kinks

Would you fly a commercial flight with one pilot and a closed cockpit door? We did this weekend with Go! Mokulele between Honolulu and Molokai. While our 9 passenger Cessna had fantastic views, the pilot’s closed door was a concern. I kept wondering how I would know if there was a problem with the pilot [...]

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Kayak took a giant leap into the big media league this weekend with their new commercials. Their $60 million campaign that also includes airport and taxi video displays and outdoor advertising promises to give competitor Expedia a run for its money. Will it be enough to entice you to click? When checking Hawaii airfares (or any [...]

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Hawaiian Air: First Class or Strike?

Hawaiian Airlines announced a sale today on first-class travel to/from the mainland. One way first class fares are priced from $477-$977 (plus tax) during the sale.  Price varies depending on departure/arrival city on the mainland.  Seattle and Portland are the lowest with Phoenix and Las Vegas being the highest.  If you’re interested, book by November [...]

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Westjet Fixes Aloha Air Problem

Range has always been a significant issue for transpacific flights using Boeing 737. When defunct Aloha Airlines was flying between Las Vegas and Honolulu, their solution to the problem was adding a stop in Southern California.  This added extra time and wasn’t cost-effective, but was better than an emergency water landing in the middle of [...]

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Tripadvisor Reviews Waning; Search Biz Elusive

Fewer consumers are looking at TripAdvisor reviews (and it’s no surprise to you that I agree). I have research to back it up.  PhocusWright’s online traffic and conversion report has recently been released in conjunction with Compete.  While I haven’t seen the study (the report costs $1,200), UK travel analyst Travolution has. They report from the [...]

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Mokulele and Go! – Unlikely Partners Join Forces

Hawaii returned to an inter-island airline duopoly today.  This is only further testimony to just how dismal and unsustainable the Hawaii travel market has become. In a press release, Mesa (Go!) and competitor Republic (Mokulele), announced that they are joining forces. What this likely means, however, is that Mokulele is leaving Hawaii. Here’s what we [...]

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Fly From Orange County (And More): Continental Picks Up From Aloha

Those of us in Hawaii (and many Southern California residents) were sad to see Aloha’s demise and the discontinuation of Hawaii service from John Wayne Airport in Orange County. I’ve been predicting that Alaska would be the natural to jump into these routes as they have been slowly working their way down the Gold Coast [...]

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TripAdvisor Review Filter Dead

When I wrote recently about Filterstream, it was to tell you about how it allowed hotels to show you only those TripAdvisor reviews that made them look good.  The problem is, that entirely subverted TripAdvisor’s integrity. At the time, I checked with our contact at TripAdvisor, who said:  ”We have no comment for now on the [...]

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