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Allegiant Buys 757s: Hawaii Service Update

Updated: Sources indicate that the aircraft were bought on behalf of Allegiant rather than directly by Allegiant.  Allegiant is denying that they purchased the aircraft, which is likely technically true. Allegiant Air may really be the new airline in Hawaii skies. Three sources tell me that they have just purchased six Boeing 757-200 aircraft in [...]

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Does Google City Tours Really Suggest 8 Bells Kauai?

Google’s new City Tours believes that this should be on your Kauai itinerary.  I stopped today to take a photo.  Somehow I missed the fact that framing is the new hot spot in Kauai tourism.  Also mentioned is a visit to the Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum.  You can visit the building, but the kids will [...]

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Can US Air’s Charlotte to Honolulu Survive?

As you may have heard, US Airways has announced daily non-stop service from Charlotte to Honolulu starting in December.  While I’m always happy to see any new lift coming to our state, this announcement wasn’t one that I expected, nor thought made sense. First, the good news:  Three carriers will offer non-stop service to Hawaii [...]

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Hilo Hattie: A Last Chance At Life

I noted with interest that ownership of bankrupt Hawaiian clothing retailer Hilo Hattie has transferred today to Royal Hawaiian Creations.  While I’ve never heard of Royal Hawaiian, their half-working website indicates that they manufacture and wholesale Hawaiian wear.  They are Honolulu-based, and previously owned two Waikiki stores that apparently closed last year. News reports indicate [...]

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News: Airlines Want To End Sales, Best/Worst Airline Comfort, And More

Here are several travel industry updates that caught my eye, and what I have to say. 1. Airlines want to reign in unprecedented airfare sales.  In a subject near and dear to our travel hearts, Dallas Morning News is reporting that top airline executives are thinking of reeling in those airfare sales that we love. [...]

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Bing Travel: A Mixed Bag

Microsoft introduced Bing last month to compete with Google (and Yahoo) search. While the site has yet to really take off, it has certainly garnered a significant buzz. One aspect of the new Bing product is Bing Travel, which according to Microsoft is intended to, “help people make smarter, more informed decisions.” This is Microsoft’s [...]

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Brace For 160 Seat 737s To Hawaii

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the WSJ article yesterday, indicating that American, Continental and Delta’s 737′s are being reconfigured with 160 seats.  That’s an additional 10-12 seats in economy depending on airline.  While this may not make big news on a one or two hour flight, it’s noteworthy on the long haul [...]

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TripAdvisor’s New Stand on Fraud

Updated June 23:  This article has been picked up and written about by Travel Weekly, WalletPop, Hotel Chatter, Chris Elliott, Arthur Frommer and others. The conversation continues. Thank you. Updated June 4:  I was asked on Twitter how many other such warnings exist on the TripAdvisor site.  As of this morning I find a total [...]

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Travel Industry Updates

Hyatt Hotels Twitter can really help. In what may be an important indication of the future of Twitter in travel, the hotel chain has introduced their online virtual concierge.  You can now contact your Hyatt hotel via Twitter with questions, or even just to tell them you’ll be arriving late.  If you’re not yet on [...]

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Mokulele Airlines: Updates On A Hidden Gem

We’ve both been flying around Hawaii on Mokulele Airline’s Embraer 170 jet service again. That is a big change for these two guys who have been Hawaiian Air’s most frequent fliers for years. Inter-island airfares are still cheap, so its a great time to see more than one island the next time you are in [...]

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