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Mokulele and Go! – Unlikely Partners Join Forces

Hawaii returned to an inter-island airline duopoly today.  This is only further testimony to just how dismal and unsustainable the Hawaii travel market has become. In a press release, Mesa (Go!) and competitor Republic (Mokulele), announced that they are joining forces. What this likely means, however, is that Mokulele is leaving Hawaii. Here’s what we [...]

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Fly From Orange County (And More): Continental Picks Up From Aloha

Those of us in Hawaii (and many Southern California residents) were sad to see Aloha’s demise and the discontinuation of Hawaii service from John Wayne Airport in Orange County. I’ve been predicting that Alaska would be the natural to jump into these routes as they have been slowly working their way down the Gold Coast [...]

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TripAdvisor Review Filter Dead

When I wrote recently about Filterstream, it was to tell you about how it allowed hotels to show you only those TripAdvisor reviews that made them look good.  The problem is, that entirely subverted TripAdvisor’s integrity. At the time, I checked with our contact at TripAdvisor, who said:  ”We have no comment for now on the [...]

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Oyster Takes Honolulu Hotel Reviews To New Level

Oyster’s Oahu reviews have gone live. I went back to have an in-depth look by reading reviews of properties I have visited out of the 49 hotels currently featured. In addition to presenting positive attributes of each property, they also weren’t afraid to say and show what concerned them.  For example, soiled furniture at Hawaii Prince [...]

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Hotels Omit Negative TripAdvisor Reviews

Update:  I’ve just heard from TripAdvisor:  ”We have no comment for now on the Filter Stream widget”. This seems to imply TripAdvisor has not partnered in the venture.  In that case it may raise issues about TripAdvisor copyright as well as credibility. There’s a new third-party widget that lets hotels stream TripAdvisor reviews directly to their [...]

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Mokulele May Fold; What To Expect

Here’s yet another tale in Hawaii’s never ending saga of inter-island transportation. Less than one year ago we were excited to see a new and local player, Mokulele Airlines, enter the prior duopoly of Hawaiian Airlines and Mesa Airlines’ Go!. Low Airfares drove Mokulele’s financial problems. So much has occurred  in such a short time [...]

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New Air Canada Service Calgary To Hawaii

Air Canada announced today that beginning in December, they will launch the only non-stop, seasonal service between Calgary and Hawaii. We’re always glad to see new service added to bring our Canadian friends to visit here in Hawaii.  WestJet has had most of the recent news, and in December will start their latest service between [...]

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Allegiant Air Hawaii Update

Last month we reported, based on multiple sources, that six Boeing 757′s had been acquired on behalf of Allegiant Air, likely in preparation for service to Hawaii.  It is believed that at least one of these 757′s is in the shop at Goodyear, Arizona. We’ve been reporting Allegiant’s plans to begin service to Hawaii for [...]

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What UAL, Mokulele Deal Means

Mokulele has signed a new ticketing and baggage agreement with United Airlines.  The bad news for the consumer is that we can’t earn miles. United also has the same agreement with Island Air and Hawaiian for inter-island travel.  If you book a United flight in conjuction with these two carriers, however, you’ll earn 500 United [...]

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TripAdvisor Review Fraud Hits The Mainstream

Associated Press has placed the TripAdvisor review fraud issue front and center after their recent interview with me.  With that bold step, the subject has gone from the cloaked domain of travel writers into open public view.  Kudos to AP. What is TripAdvisor doing now that they’ve openly admitted to reviewer fraud? I spoke this [...]

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