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Jellyfish: It Can Even Happen Here

Late last week, I had quite a surprise instead of an intended swim, when I found Kauai’s Salt Pond Beach closed due to jellyfish.  This is the first time I can ever remember Salt Pond being impacted by jellyfish.  The lifeguard told me that he had counted over 500 of them that day. Jellyfish are [...]

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Swap To Hawaii For Free?

Mile High Swap has been in the news recently so I signed up for a trial run.  The site was launched last month by two marketing execs. They had an “ah-ha” moment when they saw the value of outstanding frequent flier points was over $500 Billion.  When I heard about Mile High Swap, I had [...]

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Finding Hawaii Car Deals In 2009

Getting a good deal on a car rental, especially in Hawaii, takes time, skill and luck.  This past week for example, I rented a car at Kahului, Maui for $30 a day.  If I’d rented the same car without doing the work below, the cheapest price was more than double.  I have another car rental [...]

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Why A Waikiki Beach Smoking Ban?

As I write, Hawaii’s legislature is considering banning smoking on famous Waikiki Beach.  The bill, which is expected to pass, will take effect immediately. The law is designed to keep cigarette butts off of the beach, while still allowing smoking on nearby sidewalks. Waikiki beach has been through a significant transformation in recent years and [...]

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5 Money Saving Tips For Visiting Hawaii in 2009

This is the first in a series of posts on affordable Hawaii, 2009. 1.  Consider package deals. Having said that, always price it yourself separately to be sure it is truly a good value.  Online travel agencies, including Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia are anxious for you to book their air plus hotel or car deals.  [...]

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10 Most Popular Posts From 2008

Here’s a look back at Beat of Hawaii’s ten most popular posts from 2008.  I removed posts that contained time sensitive information (like airfare deals) and came up with the following list based on page views. How To Eat Well At 30,000 Feet First Look: Kauai’s Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas When To Find The [...]

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Could This Foreclosure Affect You?

Last month I wrote about four recent Hawaii hotel foreclosures.  At that time it did not appear that the foreclosures would directly affect visitors.  Now I’ve learned that in fact that may not be true. Good question from a reader. Micc wrote a comment on the previous post and had the good sense and perhaps [...]

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The Beach At Sheraton Waikiki

This photo might give you some idea that there is trouble brewing at the beach in front of the Sheraton Waikiki. The problem is that there is no beach.  The small amount seen in the photo is only visible at very low tide.  At all other times, the waves lap up on the beach wall [...]

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Competition For Hawaii In 2009?

With most travelers cutting back on the cost, frequency and duration of vacations, will Hawaii be in for serious competition this year from Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic?  These tropical rivals are regularly posting deals from $500-$1000 per person, for one week, including airfare, hotel, food, drink, and activities. Very shortly, I am expecting [...]

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London To Hawaii Under 500 GBP All-Inclusive (Even In June)

Here’s a great deal for Beat of Hawaii’s British readers. I found good availability well into June, which includes the first part of the traditionally sky-high summer season. Airlines:  Air Canada, Continental, United Routing:  Various routings, but no stopovers Cost:  $742, equivalent to 490 GBP. round-trip (all-inclusive) to Honolulu (or $755 to Kahului, Maui). Days:  [...]

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