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10 Most Popular Posts From 2008

Here’s a look back at Beat of Hawaii’s ten most popular posts from 2008.  I removed posts that contained time sensitive information (like airfare deals) and came up with the following list based on page views. How To Eat Well At 30,000 Feet First Look: Kauai’s Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas When To Find The [...]

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Could This Foreclosure Affect You?

Last month I wrote about four recent Hawaii hotel foreclosures.  At that time it did not appear that the foreclosures would directly affect visitors.  Now I’ve learned that in fact that may not be true. Good question from a reader. Micc wrote a comment on the previous post and had the good sense and perhaps [...]

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The Beach At Sheraton Waikiki

This photo might give you some idea that there is trouble brewing at the beach in front of the Sheraton Waikiki. The problem is that there is no beach.  The small amount seen in the photo is only visible at very low tide.  At all other times, the waves lap up on the beach wall [...]

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Competition For Hawaii In 2009?

With most travelers cutting back on the cost, frequency and duration of vacations, will Hawaii be in for serious competition this year from Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic?  These tropical rivals are regularly posting deals from $500-$1000 per person, for one week, including airfare, hotel, food, drink, and activities. Very shortly, I am expecting [...]

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London To Hawaii Under 500 GBP All-Inclusive (Even In June)

Here’s a great deal for Beat of Hawaii’s British readers. I found good availability well into June, which includes the first part of the traditionally sky-high summer season. Airlines:  Air Canada, Continental, United Routing:  Various routings, but no stopovers Cost:  $742, equivalent to 490 GBP. round-trip (all-inclusive) to Honolulu (or $755 to Kahului, Maui). Days:  [...]

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Less VOG, At Least For Now

This is great news that we hope will be enduring.  The VOG has been irritating to our lungs and skin and that of visitors, and has hurt Big Island tourism.  It has also been destructive to crops including vegetables and flowers. Recently we’ve noticed that even in southerly wind conditions, the VOG throughout the Hawaiian [...]

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TripAdvisor And The Big Business Of Fake Reviews, Part 2

TripAdvisor is plagued with fake reviews.  Why? As I wrote about yesterday, the problem of review fraud is two-fold: Intense competition in the travel industry, greatly exacerbated by the state of our economy, has caused hotels and other travel providers to artificially manipulate review rankings in order to achieve increased bookings and revenue. Inherent conflict [...]

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TripAdvisor And The Big Business Of Fake Reviews, Part 1

On reflection, TripAdvisor may at first appear to be a benevolent site where regular people share their honest travel opinions.  Dig beneath the surface, however, and you will find something quite the opposite is happening at TripAdvisor.  This is big business and the going is rough in today’s economic climate. There are over twenty million [...]

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My 6 Hawaii New Year Travel Predictions

As we get ready to ring in the New Year, I’ve been thinking about what visitors should expect here in Hawaii in 2009.  These are the six things that come to mind: 1. Best deals in a decade are coming for winter and spring travel. We’ve already seen hints of what they will be like, [...]

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Tip for a Jellyfish Free Hawaii Vacation

Has this ever happened to you?  After a long flight to Hawaii you rush down to the beach only to see Jellyfish warning signs.  This let down can be avoided with proper planning. Tip: Check the full moon calendar when planning your vacation and add 8 days.  This will give you the approximate date jellyfish [...]

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