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Travelocity Joins No Airline Fees And Price Guarantee; Where To Book

No airline booking fees. Travelocity announced today that it is joining Expedia in eliminating airline booking fees, at least until May 31, and likely forever. The reason is that these online travel agencies are in fierce competition with both the airlines and with sites like Kayak, that direct you to the airline sites themselves for [...]

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Expedia News: No Fees And Hotel Sale

Visitors planning a trip to Hawaii may benefit from a couple of nice changes over at Expedia.  In a press release I received today Expedia is offering no fee airline bookings as well as free hotel nights, as follows: 1.  Stay 3, 4 or 5 nights:  get the last hotel night free.  For this offer, [...]

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Win Free Trips to Hawaii

Updated 5/12:  All but two of these contests have ended. If you are ready to head for Hawaii, but not ready to shell out any money for it, read this. Below are five (make that six) contests running right now that might just get you to Hawaii for free.  Take a few minutes and sign [...]

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What Makes A Hawaii Travel Expert?

Popular travel writer Peter Greenberg, was visiting Honolulu last week and taking your Hawaii travel questions from the renovated Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This got me thinking about Hawaii and the people who write about us.  Because Hawaii is such a popular travel destination, it seems to attract more physically remote travel writers than do other [...]

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Hawaii Winter Weather

This week in Hawaii. We are in the midst of another very cool and rainy winter week here in Hawaii.  The photo above is of the back yard, which develops a muddy winter river during these periods of heavy rain.  I’ve been hold up in the house with doors and windows closed.  At the moment, [...]

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Hotel Reviews: Now A Complete Mess

Updated 6/23:  Be sure to see our most recent article on TripAdvisor fraud. The situation is quickly getting much worse. Finding the truth about others’ hotel experiences, at least here in Hawaii, has now become impossible.  I consider myself reasonably astute at this, and there is just no way for me to make good use [...]

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New Hawaii Weather Tracking

NOAA’s National Weather Service has some new features available only for Hawaii.  I really like the ease and functionality they add and think you might too.  Launched in the past couple of weeks, they provide: A statewide weather view from which you can easily drill down to any region of interest.  No need to put [...]

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Jellyfish: It Can Even Happen Here

Late last week, I had quite a surprise instead of an intended swim, when I found Kauai’s Salt Pond Beach closed due to jellyfish.  This is the first time I can ever remember Salt Pond being impacted by jellyfish.  The lifeguard told me that he had counted over 500 of them that day. Jellyfish are [...]

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Swap To Hawaii For Free?

Mile High Swap has been in the news recently so I signed up for a trial run.  The site was launched last month by two marketing execs. They had an “ah-ha” moment when they saw the value of outstanding frequent flier points was over $500 Billion.  When I heard about Mile High Swap, I had [...]

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Finding Hawaii Car Deals In 2009

Getting a good deal on a car rental, especially in Hawaii, takes time, skill and luck.  This past week for example, I rented a car at Kahului, Maui for $30 a day.  If I’d rented the same car without doing the work below, the cheapest price was more than double.  I have another car rental [...]

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