Christmas 2011 and Summer 2012 Hawaii Travel Deals

Christmas 2011 and Summer 2012 Hawaii Travel Deals

If you’re still thinking of visiting us here in Hawaii this holiday season, or next summer, read on. Just 60 days ago, I shared Christmas Hawaii travel deals starting at $209 each way that were then widely available from up and down the west coast. Hopefully some of you were able to take advantage of those great prices.

What’s available now

There is still availability to the Hawaiian Islands from all major mainland departure cities. Unfortunately, however, the prices have headed north, far north. In fact, this year’s prices are now the highest I can remember seeing in quite some time. Most west coast cities to Hawaii round trips are running at $900-$1,100, with very few exceptions. I do not expect to see these drop any lower. It is even likely that they will sell out.

What’s changed

[pullquote]…Demand for travel to the Hawaiian islands remains high. –Hawaii Tourism Authority[/pullquote]Hawaii’s visitor industry is in recovery. October saw visitor spending rise for the 18th consecutive month. It was up 16% compared with October 2010. Christmas is typically one of the important tests of our market strength, and this year all signs are for an invigorated tourism industry with higher prices overall.

Certainly deals will continue to proliferate, especially during the low and shoulder seasons. We’ll be watching for them all and reporting them to you here.

Summer 2012

If you’re planning to visit Hawaii during the next major peak season, June 8 to August 12, take note. Prices for those dates are already running at $700 and above from most west coast cities. There are a few exceptions, including the Bay Area, Portland and Seattle, where some fares in the $500′s can still be found. Given the Christmas holiday pricing, it is likely that summer fares will also touch the $1,000 range. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any summer offers.

Any bright lights?

We are still anticipating significant new airline offerings for Hawaii travel in 2012. The additional air lift will bring both introductory fares and more possibilities for competitive pricing.

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  1. Dennis (3 years ago)

    We have a condo reserved for Christmas 2012 on Kauai. Any thoughts on the best time of year to book our airfare?


    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Hi Dennis.

      If it were me, for that time of year I’d probably book as soon as you can for those dates. That’s usually 330 days in advance.


  2. Polly (3 years ago)

    Jeff, we are planning a trip to the big island for two weeks in July 2012. I am waiting to see if there are any airfare sales after the holiday season but I am thinking that is unlikely. There are six of us flying out of Chicago so even a small savings will be significant. Do you think the current airfare prices will go down at all for July 2012? Also do you ever see any “sales” on rental cars?

    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Hi Polly,

      It could come down from the high $948 A/I that we see today, but I concur it is not likely. Previously I’d mentioned that Hawaiian might come to Chicago or a nearby city, but it’s doubtful that could happen by then too.

      On car rentals, yes, there are deals. Search our site for all the prior tips we’ve offered, book something to hold a place now, and keep looking up until the end.



  3. Donna (3 years ago)

    Dear Jeff,

    I am looking to book a flight from Los Angeles to Kuai in fall 2012, what month is best and any suggestions?


    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Hi Donna.

      You’ll typically find fall sales starting in mid-October that are valid through early December. There may be fall offerings sooner, but it isn’t likely.



  4. Maggie (3 years ago)

    We were hoping to go to Hawaii for Summer 2012. We can’t go before June 9. Still looking for good airfare. Right now I have a Mexico hotel reserved as a backup

    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Hi Maggie. I’ll keep fingers crossed with you. I’d hang on to your Mexico hotel given your travel dates from Chicago.



  5. Julie (3 years ago)

    Will the prices go down for March travel, I am booked into a Condo on Kauai March 10th through March 24th. What is the likelihood that prices will be lower for those dates? If not, I;m with Chris, I’ll cancel the reservations and head on out to Mexico. Those airfare prices are a deal breaker for me

    • Jeff (3 years ago)

      Peak season airfares to Hawaii have been above $700 for the last fifteen or more years as I recall. That includes summer, Christmas and to some extent Spring Break. There was some discounting in the past few years due to the impact of the economy on travel. And for the early bird, we even had some Christmas deals this year, as I indicated above.

      The airlines are in business to make money, and this is the situation we all live with, both visitors and Hawaii residents. When we have the ability to be flexible in our travel dates, and/or can act quickly when opportunities arise, it works out great. But when that isn’t possible, the airlines have us at their mercy.

      @Julie, your dates are not good for fare sales as you’re traveling during Spring Break. Especially the outbound date. I see fares starting at just over $500 for your dates, which I consider quite good.

      Aloha, Jeff

  6. Chris (3 years ago)

    I won’t pay $900-$1,100 for coach fares to Hawaii for my family. I think that the Hawaii tourism industry will soon find out that tourists traveling there on these higher fares will likely be spending the same total amounts that they have budgeted for their vacations. More money spent on fares will equal less money spent on other things while visiting the Islands. Restaurants, tours, rental cars, or whatever else. Or maybe instead of a few trips per year to various Hawaiian Islands, like my family usually tries for, maybe you only go once.

    But this holiday season, no way! Was holding out hoping for the best, but will be canceling our hotel reservations this evening for Christmas week. Looks like a beach in Mexico is in store for us, starting out with an extra $2,500 in my wallet verses Hawaii. Not my first choice. But hey. In this economy, $2.5K buys us a lot of extra smiles.

  7. Vicki Nielsen (3 years ago)

    I’m glad to hear that things are looking up. When you live in a cold place like Minnesota, there’s no better vacation to look forward to than Hawaii. I’ll be there for 11 days at the end of January, which is my usual time. My round trip airfare from Mpls this year is $470 on United. I change planes in Chicago. I’ve often done better than that for price-even as low as in the $200s. I bought this ticket in May because I know when I want to come and I’m flexible in the exact dates. I just begin looking on a site such as Travelocity and when I see a trend, I start checking several times a day. I go to the airline’s website to buy. Actually I use this approach for any ticket I want. It always works pretty well. I think it helps that I’m able to be a little flexible about exact departure and return dates. I can’t wait to get there. It’s a very cold day here today.