Christmas in Hawaii 2013 From $307 Each Way

Christmas in Hawaii 2013 From $307 Each Way

If you’re thinking about Christmas in Hawaii, it is never too early to plan. In fact it’s time to get a jump on it now for best availability and price. Many people plan their holidays in the islands one year in advance.

These don’t qualify as true Hawaii deals as the holidays are always the highest priced dates for Hawaii vacations. Having said that, following are the best dates and prices we found as of September 25, 2013. At this point the best deals are on Delta. Otherwise, fares from the west coast are mostly in the $800-$1,100+ range.

Best priced dates are frequently just before and on the holidays themselves. Also because of how the holidays fall this year, and if you are able to get away starting on December 30, prices drop. If you have even more flexibility and can leave the mainland on December 31, you’ll find better deals to be had.

Use flexible date search to find lowest cost Hawaii airfare. Prices below are round trip including tax and are based on 6-nights. Other lengths of stay are of course possible.

Los Angeles

  • Maui, Big Island or Kauai $791 for December 31 departure on American (and some availability on Delta and US Air).

San Diego

  • Maui or Kauai $732-$735 for December 30 departure on Delta.


  • Honolulu $678 for December 30 departure on US Air.


  • Kona $614 for December 30 departure and $815 for December 24-25 departures. Delta.
  • Honolulu $635 for December 23 departure and some other holiday dates at $691-$701. Delta.
  • Maui $686 for December 24, 25 and 30 departures. Delta.
  • Kauai $608 for December 30 departure and $722 for December 23. Delta.

San Jose

  • Honolulu $680 for December 30 departure. Delta.
  • Maui $716 for December 23 departure. Delta.


  • Honolulu $720 for December 25 departure. Delta.


  • Honolulu $707 for December 25 departure. Delta.

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  1. Linda Hallemann (1 year ago)


    Just starting to plan our vaca to Hawaii. We are thinking about late July 2014 or early August 2014. Looks like fares are around $950 (from St. Louis) right now. Do they typically come down a bit as the date gets closer?

  2. Jenny (1 year ago)

    Do you recommend a good time to start booking March 2014 flights? They seem higher now than in past years. And advice? Thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      @Jenny: March flights may not have sales as it is Spring Break. What to do depends on how determined you are to coming to Hawaii and how fixed your dates are. If you’re flexible then wait and see, and if not, book now.

      @ Linda: Those dates aren’t likely to have sales. If you can wait until mid-August, prices should be better.