Dallas to Honolulu $216 Each Way Including Spring Break

Dallas to Honolulu $216 Each Way Including Spring Break

February 21, 2012. Hawaii travel deals are back again today with this airline hub war. United is stepping into American’s territory, and as a result, you get to travel to Hawaii for 40% or more off the normal price. Adding spring break dates to the deal makes it that much better. It won’t last long, so act now if you’re planning to take advantage of this offer.

Here’s today’s Hawaii airfare sale details

  • Route: Dallas to Honolulu; also Miami to Honolulu
  • Airline: United/Continental
  • Price: $216 each way, $500 round trip, all inclusive
  • Dates: March through May.
  • Availability: Mid-week travel only. Other islands are not included.
  • How to find: Start using a flexible date search such as Kayak.

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  1. Stephen (3 years ago)

    Hi. I really appreciate your site. I think, though, that you should post the final price in your headlines, to be consistent with what the airlines must do now. Again, thanks for the informative site. Aloha.