Does Google City Tours Really Suggest 8 Bells Kauai?


Google’s new City Tours believes that this should be on your Kauai itinerary.  I stopped today to take a photo.  Somehow I missed the fact that framing is the new hot spot in Kauai tourism.  Also mentioned is a visit to the Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum.  You can visit the building, but the kids will be disappointed that the museum is no longer in business.

According to Google Labs, “City Tours helps you identify points of interest and plan multi-day trips to most major cities. You just specify the location of your hotel and the length of your trip and City Tours will map out an itinerary for you.”

Fresh from Google laboratories and hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Bing Travel, Google’s foray into the $90 Billion world of travel suggests tours for your destinations.  It offers 3 day itineraries with approximately 10 locations per day. You can customize schedules to more or less than three days, and add or delete items, which sometimes works.  Activities are grouped by distance and and walking times.  Imagine walking from Kapaa to Lihue on the Highway?  Well that suggestion just doesn’t fly.

After checking Kauai locations I moved on to Honolulu, thinking things might go better.  One day they suggested going to five museums.  That involved far too much driving, crisscrossing in heavy traffic. They never bothered to mention Waikiki Beach or hiking Diamond Head among other stops.

While the idea of City Tours sounds good, I suggest caution for now when using this tool to plan a Hawaii vacation.  They still have some serious kinks to work out in the application.

At the same time, there’s still much potential likely to be developed with City Tours.  Still lacking are integration with driving routes, public transportation, events listings, and travel itineraries that go beyond one city/location.  On the other hand, I give Google credit for letting us have a look at this interesting, yet obviously still in development project.

If you use Google City Tours, let me know what you think.


  1. Ron (6 years ago)

    I happened to stop by Eight Bells framing and the owner was gracious enough to show me some high end b+w prints he was framing for a noted photographer. You might luck out too.

    However, I’m not a fan of GCT as I like to travel with my trusty Kauai Trailblazer guidebook with me at all times, not my laptop.

    Ron Berenstein

  2. K. Carroll (6 years ago)

    Verrrry interesting! I wonder if these businesses at one time paid Google for the PR?

  3. Rob (6 years ago)

    Thanks Sue,

    Lots of good points. I concur with all of them. Yes the police do occasionally laser patrol the highway near the golf course. Not enough really. Yesterday, a Corvette then a truck passed me at what seemed like 90+ mph.

    Our state senator, with whom we were stuck in that traffic jam you mentioned, asked the DOT to look into changes in the highway. Hopefully something will happen. We’ve seen way too many accidents there over the years.

    Aloha, Rob

  4. Sue (6 years ago)

    Re: Information Google City Tours will never tell you.

    Thanks for all your great info. I would like to suggest that you tell visitors to Kauai about the “Blood Alley” section of Kuhio Highway. That section of road needs a median! It is very dangerous especially when you go with the flow of traffic which usually exceeds the speed limit.

    We were stuck in the traffic jam after the fatal accident 2 weeks ago trying to get to the airport to pick up my daughter. Most tourists don’t understand that when there is fatal accident that the road is usually closed for several hours. I was amazed they opened the cane haul road and golf course maintenance road so quickly. That was a first! When we were heading to the airport to return to LA we saw the Kauai Police running radar heading north from a turn off on Kuhio close to where the accident occurred. No fun getting a speeding ticket when you just arrived on Island.

    Also, the tourists do not understand that they will be ticketed for parking along side the road at Tunnels Beach. The “No Parking” signs are in plane view but we continue to see ticketed cars – sometimes 10 or more. Also tourists park in front of the Pu’u Po’a condos in the walking path so they can visit Hideaways Beach. Again, they are ticketed. I remember 20 years ago, the Kauai Police never ticketed tourists for any driving infraction but those days are over. Please let visitors know they will be ticketed.

    I am sure future visitors to Kauai would appreciate the above mentioned information. Again, thanks and keep up the great work you do!