Food From Hawaii | Five Islands, Five Standouts

Food From Hawaii | Five Islands, Five Standouts

If you’re a fan of food from Hawaii, please read on. There are many exceptional food items from the islands to sample on your next Hawaii vacation. We have picked one from each island to start the process. Add your favorites in the comments below. Mahalo!

Food From Hawaii | Five Islands, Five Standouts

1. Purdy’s Nuts Molokai.

We visited this five acre macadamia farm in Molokai at Ho`olehua on our American Safari cruise. Molokai native and owner Tuddy is a wealth of information on the island and all things Hawaiian. The nuts are simply exceptional and reflect the family’s love for their work.

2. Kauai Honey  - Honi Honi Honey.

Long time Beat of Hawaii friend and follower Chris Kauwe is the purveyor of exceptional honeys from around the south part of Kauai island. Be sure to find him at the local farmers markets and try his work. My favorite is an ultra light colored honey he produces. It is like a cross between delectable floral honey and maple syrup. Simply the best.

3. Nalo Farms Oahu lettuce.

Greens from Dean Okimoto’s Nalo Farms are a treat. You’ll find them at the Oahu farmers markets and at 130 Hawaii restaurants. With a plethora of varieties to choose from, one of my favorites is a bag of mixed lettuces. You’ll never go wrong no matter what you choose. It doesn’t get fresher unless you grow it yourself.

4. Big Island Hamakua Mushrooms.

A favorite is the large and meaty textured Alii Oyster. Found in grocery stores and Costco stores on the islands. Three other varieties are grown by Fungal Jungle as well. Mushrooms are an expanding business in the islands, so you can expect to see more local varieties. Imports from the mainland pale by comparison.

5. Maui Surfing Goat Cheese.

You need look no further for exceptional Hawaii cheese than national award winning Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy. Their Kula based farm offerings range from soft goat cheeses, to aged hard cheese, soaps and more. Thirty different cheeses in total!

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