Hawaii Deal From Los Angeles | $139 to $203 Including Summer

Hawaii Deal From Los Angeles | $139 to $203 Including Summer

How bad do you want a Hawaii vacation? Controversial discount carrier Allegiant Air, has just announced Hawaii deals starting now for as low as $139 each way and all summer long from just $203 each way. These fares include taxes and fees, but do not include their optionals like seat selection, priority boarding, food and all beverages, boarding pass printing, checked and carry-on bags.

Controversy not withstanding, these are simply excellent Hawaii deals. Savings are approximately $320 in low season, and $357 in summer, round trip, based on currently available fares on Hawaiian Airlines and other carriers out of Los Angeles.

These prices are not available all days/flights and availability was checked as of February 5, 2014. These could be gone at any time so it is best to act today.

Allegiant Hawaii Sale Los Angeles to/from Honolulu $139 to $203

$139 each way (winter and spring)

  • Sample travel dates from Los Angeles : February 24, 27, March 2, 3 and 6. April 26, 28. May 3, 5, 10, 12.

$149 each way (winter and spring)

  • Sample travel dates from Los Angeles: February 20, 23. March 9, 13, 17, 27 and 31.  April 21. May 17, 19.

$203 each way (summer)

  • Sample travel dates from Los Angeles: June 16, 22, 26, 29. July 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14. August 3, 4, 8, 10, 11.



  1. valerie (1 year ago)


    I saw on your website that you have a Deal to Hawaii from Los Angeles to Honolulu
    Flight period from 6/29, 7/3,7/4,7/6 2014 for $203 each way with
    Allegiant Airline. Pls let me know how to get it
    Bcuz when I called the airline they don’t know abt it.
    Pls let me know. Do you have promotion code?


    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      Hi Valerie,

      That was valid when it was published which was months ago.

      Allegiant continues to have excellent fares between LA and Honolulu, so do check their website.


  2. Lorena (1 year ago)

    Looking to travel out there July 14, I heard that its some times cheaper if I wait to make the travel arrangements last minute. Is this a smart thing to do?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      Hi Lorena,

      Yes last minute – even within the last few days can sometimes yield excellent airfares. It can also yield sold out airfares, especially in July. Hard to predict.


  3. dayna (1 year ago)

    Hi my family will be traveling to LA towards the end of October, do you know if the fall fares will be cheaper than $618 round trip?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      Hi Dayna,

      It is possible for your dates. But keep in mind that LA has had very few deals, so it isn’t guaranteed.


  4. melissa (1 year ago)

    What is tge best way to fly Dallas to Maui .Planning a trip April 30 to May 10th

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      Hi Melissa,

      If you can return on 5/11 the fare is $844 nonstop. Otherwise it will cost $200 more.


  5. Alleson (1 year ago)

    Crossing my fingers for a deal June 5-14 on a carrier other than Allegiant. (Kicking myself for not using miles back at the 330 day mark.) Any chance of seeing something from MCI, or we could fly west and get to HNL from there. (Currently that’s a slightly better deal, and we could fly HA which I read great things about.) Wasn’t sure if I should continue to stalk prices, or just bite the bullet and settle for $1k per ticket. Thanks!

  6. Al (1 year ago)

    Do you think the other carriers will have sales as well?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      Hi Al,

      There will be other spring sales, but we expect no summer sales. Other airlines do not generally have a need to compete with Allegiant. This is a unique offer.


  7. cat (1 year ago)

    Gone already.

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      Still priced as when published.



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