Hawaii Deals in 2013 | Flying Cheap On Your Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Deals in 2013 | Flying Cheap On Your Hawaii Vacation

With the year well under way, a number of things are becoming crystal clear about what we can expect in Hawaii travel deals and how to plan an affordable 2013 Hawaii vacation. Demand for vacation travel in general and Hawaii vacations in particular has never been higher than it is now. Therefore coming up with a strategy is essential to getting good travel deals to Hawaii.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that buying tickets 49 days in advance (for domestic flights) yielded the best savings. We have a different take on that for Hawaii travel deals as you will see from today’s Beat of Hawaii air report.

Hawaii Deals in 2013 | Planning Your Hawaii Vacation

If you’ve been following Beat of Hawaii, you already know that for summer and Christmas/New Years holidays it will be both expensive and challenging to either find good deals or your top picks. Spring break follows next in terms of expense. The rest of the year is the Hawaii deal sweet spot, if you can get away. We’ll address each of these with seasonal tips to help you score.

1. Spring Hawaii travel through June 6, 2013.

This is one of the two best times of year to find Hawaii deals. We’ve already featured many and it isn’t nearly over yet. The exception will be from the end of March through mid-April, which is spring break and more expensive.

Tips: Watch for on and off sales for these dates and be prepared to act quickly when the come up. There will be more airfare sales at approximately $300 round trip from many west coast cities to all islands. If you aren’t on the west coast, it is sometimes cheaper to get to a Hawaii deal gateway, such as Oakland, and then fly to Hawaii. Avoid flying on weekend days which are usually more expensive.

2. Summer Vacation in Hawaii  from June 7 through mid-August.

This is going to be pricey and is already in the $700-1,000 round trip range from most west coast cities. There are a few puka’s (holes) if you can act quickly.

Tips: Best bet at this point is to book as soon as possible for summer travel. Even better, when possible, delay your Hawaii vacation until mid-August, when airfares will be at least $200 less round trip per person. Also, don’t forget that both accommodations and car rentals will be very tight this summer and those need to be booked immediately as well. 

3. Late summer and fall Hawaii travel through December 17, 2013.

We’ve said many times before that fall is the ultimate time of year to visit Hawaii. The weather is even more ideal that at other times, and you’ll find the fewest crowds and best deals in airfare, accommodations and car rentals. No lines, and few advance reservations are needed.

Tips: Sales for fall travel can occur at any time, but aren’t likely until May at the earliest. Either book late summer (August through early September) vacation dates now to lock in dates, or if you’re flexible, wait until last minute sales. Those should occur by early summer. Avoid flying on weekend days which are usually more expensive.

 4. Christmas/New Years in Hawaii from December 18, 2013 through January 5, 2014.

This year’s holiday season is already shaping up to be very busy. It is time to act if you want to spend Christmas/New Years in Hawaii. Airfares for that time are already in the $700-$1,000 range and are likely to go to new highs. Accommodations and car rentals will be sold out and need to be booked now.

Tips: Book holiday vacations immediately. Consider flying on Christmas eve/day and on New Years eve/day. Those dates can save as much as $100 or more each way. 

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