Hawaii Travel Insurance Revisited

Hawaii Travel Insurance Revisited

Do you need travel insurance for your Hawaii vacation or another trip? If this is a question that follows one step behind forking over your credit card for expensive airline tickets, you’re not alone. I face the same issue on every trip I take. For a ten day trip to New York just completed, I had none. For a longer upcoming trip to Australia, I plan to purchase coverage.

How do you make a decision on whether or not to buy travel insurance, so that it isn’t an emotional knee jerk decision. And if you do choose to buy travel insurance, what coverage do you need and where should you buy it from.

Insurance, be it car, home or trip coverage, isn’t some kind of blanket that protects us and keeps us warm. It is all very specific. Buying without understanding is probably of little to no use such that you might be better saving that money to go out to dinner.

For me, it largely comes down to how much money I might lose in the event I had to cancel for reasons that can be insured. If that is much more than the cost of travel insurance, I typically buy coverage.

Here are our first thoughts. Please click links below.

Travel insurance part 1: Getting Started

  • When to consider trip insurance
  • What information you’ll need to start shopping
  • Basic coverage types
  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Baggage loss, delay, and damage
  • Travel delays

Travel insurance part 2: Understanding specific coverages

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Evacuation
  • Hospital of choice

We’ll have the second installment of travel insurance revisted coming soon. So please stay tuned.

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One Comment

  1. Ed (3 years ago)

    Travel insurance…hmmm, sometimes it’s the thing to do…*sometimes*
    Two things I can recommend to you:
    1) Check out Chris Elliot’s Travel blog. He’s a travel ombudsman and has *EXTENSIVE* experience in travel insurance scams and how to file travel insurance claims.
    2) *READ THE FINE PRINT* I cannot stress this enough. Reading Chris Elliot’s blog, the biggest issues with travel insurance is the buyer thought they were buying something when in actuality it was something else. There are even gotcha’s on the “Covers everything” insurance…hint, it doesn’t!
    3) read Chris Elliot’t travel blog…..
    Oh sorry…that’s three things! Reading Chris Elliot’s blog is so important, I had to put it in there twice!