Hidden Hawaii Airfare Deals From $125 Each Way

Hidden Hawaii Airfare Deals From $125 Each Way

I scoured Hawaiian Air this morning and found many more hidden deals available. Some of these unadvertised prices are at least 50% less than the advertised prices on their website (see image below). 

Other than these cloaked offers, we are stuck waiting for the next round of widespread deals from all the airlines. What I’ve learned after following Hawaii airfares for Beat of Hawaii (now in our fourth year), is that the Hawaii deals will assuredly come soon.

The situation at this moment is that the airlines are in quite good control of inventory, as I’ve mentioned a number of times before. There are no new entrants to speak of, with Allegiant sidelined in paperwork, and Southwest yet to come. Alaska is the only player making waves of any consequence, and 737′s just don’t make huge waves.

Prices below are one way plus tax of approximately $10. Inventory varies from very limited to widely available. Note that in some instances, the return flights are slightly higher priced. Don’t wait for these deals, as many will be gone shortly after the word gets out. Book at Hawaiian Air.

Honolulu Oahu

Las Vegas $185
Early February or April through May

Los Angeles $170
March, then late April through May

Oakland $125/$160
A few $125 dates in March, most dates $160 in May

Phoenix $160
March through early May

Portland $125/$160
A few $125 dates in May, $160 in February and March

San Jose $160
Late February through mid-March, then May

Lihue Kauai

Oakland $178
Late April through early June

San Jose $178
Late April through early June

Seattle $171/$189
$171 in early March, $189 through early June

Kahului Maui

Oakland $199
Now through mid-March, then May

Portland $150/$167
$150 in May, $167 now through mid-March

San Jose $199/$204
Now through mid March, then May

Seattle $145/$189
$145 in May, $189 now through mid-June

Kona Hawaii

Oakland $199
Now through March and May through early June

Portland $167
Now through mid-March

San Jose $199
Late April through early June

Seattle $171/$192
Available now through early June


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  1. Kathy (4 years ago)


    My husband and I are building a house on the Hilo side of the
    Big Island. We have a business on the mainland and we will be needing to make quite a few trips back and forth. ATA, which we loved, had a yearly fee which gave you open flights for the whole year. It was expensive but paid for itself if you were fying over more than 5 times a year. Do any of the other airlines offer the bulk tickets?

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Kathy,

      No they don’t. Maybe it was too good a deal, even for ATA. I do remember that though.


  2. Lisa (4 years ago)

    Hello Jeff,

    I am trying to get a deal from San Jose to Kauai, Lihue for 5 on June 4th returning June 18th. The best I can see with Hawaiian Airlines is $3441.00. Not a bargain. Any tips?

    Thank you,

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m seeing total for 5 people at $2,700 leaving on the 5th on Alaska Air. There might be sales between now and then, but your return date being in high season may continue to pose problems.

      Aloha, Jeff

  3. wayne-maui (4 years ago)

    I take back my last post, I do see that you mention the one fare is only for the one way to Maui and only in May… I guess I misunderstood the hidden nature as it confused me at first that these are the same fares that anyone can see so they are not hidden. I guess you mean that these are available fares that are less than the fares that Hawaiian Air promotes on the front of the site. Again, you guys are great -I misunderstood. Mahalo and keep up the great work.

  4. wayne-maui (4 years ago)

    Is there a unique link to hawaiianair.com that would reveal these hidden fares? When I click on your embedded links, it seems to take me to hawaiianair.com but I cannot find the hidden fares you list (SEA-OGG) no matter what dates I select through 2011.

    Mahalo for your wonderful travel tips and short travel stories. They are fun to read and what a bonus to save a few dollars at the same time.

  5. Jodi (4 years ago)

    Austin to Honolulu? April 30-May 7th?

  6. Mike Z (4 years ago)

    I’m looking for a 7-10 day trip in eraly may for a wedding but i’m coming form orlando anything to help me?

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Mike,

      There’s nothing good from Orlando, as you’re probably aware. Perhaps you can use a deal from one of the cities that currently has good prices. If you would like personalized assistance, feel use the contact form and I’ll be happy to help further.

      Aloha, Jeff

  7. Maribeth (4 years ago)

    Do you have a link for the HNL to LAX deal? Actually, Kahului to LAX would be even better.

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Maribeth,

      The link is in the post and here. You can then select your city pairs, and select monthly view of fares.

      Aloha, Jeff

      PS: It looks like the Hawaiian Air website is down at this moment, so just try it again in a bit.

  8. Margie (4 years ago)

    Hi there. Looking for a trip from LA area (LAX, LGB, SNA) in late August to Kauai. Surprisingly see fares in the 700s and 800s!! Is this typical? OUCH! Your tips say peak season drops in mid August, surprised to see these fares so high. Do trends say they’ll get friendlier?

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Margie,

      I’d suggest waiting for a while for late August. Usually fares for travel starting mid-August drop considerably. That could happen at any time, but is more likely to occur in late Spring or early Summer.

      Hope that helps.

      Aloha, Jeff

  9. Sue (4 years ago)

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m looking to book a a cheap flight from San Diego to Kauai or even LAX if the price is really cheap. Leaving on May 9th and returning on May 17th.

    Thanks Sue

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Sue.

      There are no deals for either route. I would wait and see what develops.



  10. Joan Levy (4 years ago)

    I’m looking for a friend from Oakland to Kauai for 9-10 days the last week in february. the best deal I could find was 2/23-3/6 for 523 all inclusive.

    still kind of high. Any suggestions???

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Joan,

      Good to hear from you. As I said in the post, Oakland/Lihue availability is for late April through early June.



  11. Sue (4 years ago)

    Do you ever see any good deals like this from Ontario, CA or San Diego CA?? And when do you think we will start seeing Hawaii deals? I also went to Hawaiin airlines and I did not see any of these prices under the monthly view fares section. I am looking for any good deals May 10 – 17th.

    Thanks Sue

    • Jeff (4 years ago)

      Hi Sue,

      You didn’t mention what departure and arrival cities you were checking, so I can’t look to see what the problem is. The fares quoted are correct. If you want to get back to me, I’ll have a look.

      As for your other question, Ontario doesn’t have deals and hasn’t in a long time. San Diego has had very good and repeated deals.

      Aloha, Jeff