New Inter-Island Air Coupons A Good Deal?


Pre-paid discounted flight coupon books have been a tradition in Hawaii inter-island air transportation.  They had been waning and pretty much disappeared several years ago.

Now in a return to a travel era gone by, Mokulele Airlines announced they will be reviving inter-island flight coupons.  The way these work is that you buy a book of 5 flight segment coupons for $267 ($53 a flight). These coupons can be shared, include all taxes/fees, and are valid for six months from purchase.  There is no charge for changing flights, which is great.

Hawaiian fired back by introducing a similar but more limited coupon-less offer, which amounts to $43 per flight segment.  In their offer, however, travel must be completed by May 15, taxes/fees are not included, and standard change fees apply.  To take advantage of the HA offer, you need to go to their site and register by March 11.

Both airline offers earn partner frequent flier miles.

Are these offers a good deal?

While these prices don’t at first glance appear great in comparison with the $38 price currently available, they might still work well for you.

Flights at peak times, those which feed flights to and from the mainland, are rarely available at $38 on Hawaiian.  In fact they are often priced at $84.  So in such instances, the $43 offer, which is valid on all flights, can save you money and keep you from hanging around in airports waiting for a cheaper flight time.

PS:  Mahalo to reader Bill, for pointing out that the correct price is $267 for the Mokulele coupon book.  The $220 price I’d originally quoted was pre-tax.


  1. PuaHawaii (6 years ago)

    I certainly welcome the coupons back, not so much for myself and my husband but all the Hawaii residents who have to fly frequently between the islands plus of course, our island visitors, who would like to visit a few islands when on their Hawaii vacation.

    However, Hawaiian Air’s stipulation having travel completed by May 15 doesn’t seem too enticing to coupon buyers for residents. Visitors who come for a Hawaii spring vacation might take advantage of it.

  2. Bill (6 years ago)

    Is $220 right? When I called them they said it was $267?