Look For New Hawaii Airfare Sales

We’ve been disappointed thus far in the Fall airfare sales.  If you haven’t checked them out, many of those we listed are still available.  They are for travel through mid-December, with some exceptions.

I firmly believe, however, that we are on the cusp of some of the best deals we’ve yet to see.  In that I concur with Rick Seaney.

Why we are going to see more Hawaii airfare sales:

  • Cost of oil continues to plummet and is about $60 and dropping.
  • Airlines have more and more vacant seats that need to be filled.
  • Hawaii remains an important destination and airlines don’t want to give up on our market.
  • Mokulele will start flying inter-island in just three weeks, which will prompt a local fare war.

My prediction of what to expect:

  • More offers for the pre-Christmas Fall season.
  • Excellent pricing for travel valid until early June 2009 (except holidays).
  • $300 from major West Coast cities.
  • $39 inter-island fares.
  • Deals from all U.S. and many international destinations.

In the meanwhile, with Hawaii tourism down and hotel occupancy suffering (only 65% on Maui), this time might be called “name your own price.”  So I suggest that as deals come out, you jump on them and lock in some of the best accommodation pricing in years.

We will post deals as quickly as we find them.  To get these alerts timely, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed (the fastest way) or by email.  If you’re unclear on setting up RSS, check this out.


  1. Jeff (6 years ago)

    I’d start making lodging plans now. If something better turns up later, you can always change them. If your travel is mid-June, then you’ll be in peak season, and hotels will not likely discount those until the last minute, if at all.

  2. Gudrun (6 years ago)

    I saw your post over on Rick Seaney’s blog – when do expect hotel and lodging to come down in Hawaii? We have a trip planned for next June and wondering when we should think about making lodging plans. I hear occupancy is at its lowest ever!