Next New Airline Routes and Hawaii Deals

Next New Airline Routes and Hawaii Deals

With all of the new Hawaii routes announced this week, it begs the question, what is going to happen next. This has after all been a huge week for Hawaii visitors and our state’s tourism industry.

As you know, on Tuesday we saw five new routes from four cities on newcomer Allegiant Air. Those came with eye-popping fares starting as low as $130 each way. That announcement was followed yesterday by Alaska Air, which introduced a new route from Portland to Kauai. It featured a $179 each way fare. These two players are definitely ones to keep an eye on, as they attempt to further compete with Hawaiian Air. Legacy carriers like United, American and Delta, however, appear to be largely sidelined with more important matters. We’ve heard very little from them of late with regards to Hawaii.

Here’s what might be upcoming:

Alaska Air

This is the one to watch next. Now that Allegiant has chosen their routes, and Southwest has deferred its Hawaii plans, it would appear Alaska has reasonably free reign to see what additional Hawaii slots they would like to take on. My bet is for something from the Los Angeles area. With any new announcements we are going to see more Hawaii airfare deals.

Virgin America

The carrier has had its sights set on Hawaii travel for years. There have been rumors of their birds being spotted recently at Honolulu International Airport, perhaps doing certification runs with the FAA. They’ve also just run an ad for an ETOPS (over water) program manager. When they decide to come to Hawaii, I expect San Francisco to be their initial jumping off point.


The company known for their Cessna service here in Hawaii wants to offer seemingly unlikely weekly charters between Honolulu and London via Chicago (Rockford Airport). Flights that were to have begun this spring are now delayed until fall.  Reports indicate they have been able to negotiate terms of the lease for the 767-200 which they plan to use for the new route. There are more questions than answers here, but if it happens that will be a great addition.

What’s your pick for the next Hawaii route? 

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  1. Joe (1 year ago)

    Delta had non-stop Detroit-Honolulu service that had good business. It was an A330-300. I understand that they stopped flying the route because it was taking away from Delta’s west coast to Honolulu service. It sure would be nice to have HA service from DTW!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 year ago)

      Hi Joe.

      It seems likely we’ll soon see service from somewhere in the mid west to Hawaii again.


  2. Davin (2 years ago)

    haven’t really seen anyone use the a320 for ETOPS… would Virgin be the first in North America?! until the new Sky Interiors start showing up in the new b737s, the a320 is, by far, a more comfortable airplane for long-distance travel.

    i hope Virgin America makes its way over here. i <3 that airline!

  3. Keith (2 years ago)

    I hope the new HA flight from JFK to HNL works. That would encourage new travel from other cities like Boston. in the meantime Jet Blue is now Boston’s airline leader and the HA JFK flight takes off from there terminal.

  4. Julie (2 years ago)

    Delta used to have a direct to Honolulu from Cincinnati which I took several times. 9 1/2 hours and you were there. It was great. Would love it if they re-upped that flight even if just once a week. Great coverage, Jeff! Thanks, Julie

  5. Mike (2 years ago)

    I would really like to see Alaska do a San Diego to Kona. They did Maui to San Diego back in 2010 and it’s time to add an island (like the Big Island) and show San Diego some of that Alaska love.


  6. Dan (2 years ago)

    How about a flight from boston to honolou. If they can have one from New York why not Boston as well.


    • Jeff (2 years ago)

      Hi Dan. Sounds great to me. From your words to the airline’s ears.

      Aloha, Jeff

      PS: I do expect to see more “distant routes” to and from Hawaii.

    • Hal (2 years ago)

      It’s time for a roundtrip route from Reno to Honolulu! There is a hughe connection between Lake Tahoe/Northern Nevada nad Hawaii.