San Francisco to Honolulu $155+ Each Way

San Francisco to Honolulu $155+ Each Way

January 30, 2012. SFO itself hasn’t seen many Hawaii deals either, although Oakland and San Jose certainly have. United Airlines and Hawaiian Air have jumped into some competition here and as a result are eliminating some of the financial strain of flying to Hawaii. As with today’s Hawaii deal from Los Angeles, there are a few $121 fares available, as you’ll see below. This offer is to and from Honolulu only. Act quickly as it could be withdrawn at any time.

Here’s another great Hawaii travel deal:

  • Price: $155+ each way, $349+ round trip, all-inclusive. Several dates on Hawaiian Air are still available for $121 or $141 each way outbound from SFO. They are February 27 and March 3-5 (though return prices are higher).
  • Airline: United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Dates: Travel through end of May, almost exclusively on  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Availability/Details: Best pricing is for early March, and late-April through late-May travel. No availability during the first half of April.

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