Southern California Prepares For Allegiant Hawaii Deals | Christmas $408RT

Southern California Prepares For Allegiant Hawaii Deals | Christmas $408RT

Allegiant Air is moving into Southern California. Their first 757-200 landed in Santa Maria on Friday on a test flight from Las Vegas that was in preparation for their upcoming Hawaii service. The event marked the largest commercial plane to ever land at the airport located 129 miles north of Los Angeles. Hawaii flights from the airport begin November 17.

Allegiant Hawaii travel deals include Christmas from $408 RT | Save $600 per person

If you haven’t thought about flying Allegiant, they are an ultra-low cost carrier, new to Hawaii. They typically offer lower base fares than anyone else. As an example, you can still fly from Santa Maria to Honolulu over the holidays for a relative song. On dates where other carriers are asking approximately $1,000 from Los Angeles, you can fly Allegiant and pocket enough money to pay for the rest of your Hawaii vacation.

Santa Maria Airport Growth

The airport just completed a 1,700-foot runway extension project to allow for the larger planes. In addition, baggage claim and holding room enhancements took place to encourage Allegiant and other carriers.

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  1. laura keele (2 years ago)

    those of us who live in santa maria call ourselves the central coast

  2. Bertha Urrutia (2 years ago)

    At this great air fare, I would recommend flying to Las Vegas or Santa Maria on Southwest and connecting with Allegiant Air and doing the same on your return flight. You’ll still be saving money and time. I believe it’s a 40 minute flight from LAX to Las Vegas. Also, I believe Southwest leaves from Ontario to Las Vegas. Jet Blue is another inexpensive alternative to Las Vegas.

  3. Sherri (2 years ago)

    Depending upon where you live in SoCal, it might be quicker and/or easier to go to Vegas, where Allegiant flies to HNL4 days a week (I think).

    • Vicky (2 years ago)

      Hi Sherry,
      Unfortunately Vegas is a good 4 1/2 hour drive from me. As it is we have to drive 80 miles to LAX when we have a major airport 20 minutes from my home.

  4. Vicky (2 years ago)

    Santa Maria is considered the Central Coast in Calif. we have to drive from Riverside to LAX for our annual flight to Honolulu. We have a beautiful airport, Ontario International Airport…. Yet we have no airlines fly to Hawaii direct.

  5. wunderpit (2 years ago)

    Ummm…that is FAR from Southern California!

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 years ago)

      Thanks for the comment comments!

      Santa Maria is technically Southern California from my research, being Santa Barbara County.

      Yes it is far; about as far is $408 is from $1,000. For a family of 3 or 4 at Christmas, saving that much, I just might drive. At other times, it might not be worth it.