Summer Hawaii Airfare Sales From $415 RT

Summer Hawaii Airfare Sales From $415 RT

The price of getting to Hawaii from up and down the Pacific Coast during the peak 2012 summer season has just dropped significantly. Summer airfares for July and August had been in the $700 – $1,000 range from most west coast cities. I scoured the airlines today and found that it is now possible to enjoy a July or August Hawaii vacation and save hundreds per person, starting immediately. Many prices will drop further by the second week of August.

Hawaii airfares below are round trip including all taxes. Availability starts immediately and varies by route and date. Use a flexible date search from the airline or one such as Kayak to find dates. If you get stuck, please feel free to comment below and we’ll try to help.

In addition to these Hawaii travel deals, don’t forget to also check Allegiant deals to Hawaii, most of which are for fall travel.

Los Angeles




San Diego

San Francisco

San Jose


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  1. rex (2 years ago)


    Thanks for the response. Mid-400′s will work! Which airlines are those?

    Thank Agian!

  2. rex (2 years ago)


    What are the chances that there will be travel deals from the Bay Area during Spring Break (3/21 – 3/29)? The current Airfares are around 0. Should I book now or are the chances good that we will see discounts?


    • Beat of Hawaii (2 years ago)

      Hi Rex and Orieen,

      Rex, Good news/bad news. The good is that the Bay Area is seeing more Hawaii deals than any other area. The bad news is that your dates are in Spring Break, which isn’t a time when you’re likely to get deals. So I’m seeing airfares from the Bay Area for those dates in the mid-$400′s to Honolulu. That is quite good and I’d probably buy at that price and not have to worry.

      Orieen, if you can go the night before (5p on the 5th), I see nonstop on American for $456 including taxes, round trip. Not bad at all.


  3. ORIEEN HOPE (2 years ago)

    5 are traveling from LAX to Lihue 10-6/10-13. I have been watching fare go up the last month instead of down. They are up over $100 since last week. Will they go down soon. I don’t want to risk not finding any flights available.

  4. Stephanie (2 years ago)


    Would round trip airfare next May from Chicago to Maui for $800 be a really good deal, just reasonable, or overpriced? Curious if you think I should wait for a price drop in the next several months or book now before prices go up.


    • Jeff (2 years ago)

      Hi Stephanie.

      Well that’s an interesting question. First I would say it’s just fair. Second, my crystal ball says we are going to see new opportunities from the mid-west to Hawaii. When and exactly what I don’t know for sure. So if I were you, I’d wait. May is also low season, which may help too. Check in again on this in a few months and we’ll see where things are at.



  5. alba (3 years ago)

    Any indication these sales will be extended to flights that connect through these Pacific Coast cities but originate elsewhere, like the midwest?