Visit Hawaii This Fall: Hawaii Deals, Fewer People, Superb Weather

Hawaii beach palm tree

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is when to plan a Hawaii vacation. Obviously everyone’s needs are different, but having said that, here’s my unequivocal answer. With the end of summer fast approaching, autumn in Hawaii, my favorite season will soon be upon us. With it comes to Hawaii deals, no crowds and exceptional weather with days that are slightly cooler and shorter. With the sun more angled, the light makes everything in Hawaii even more beautiful.

Hawaii travel deals for fall 2012

There are actually three sets of excellent deals available from Hawaiian Air to choose from right now to get you to and from Hawaii this fall.

Alaska Air

For $169 one way, including tax, you can fly Alaska Air between four west coast cities and three Hawaiian Islands. For $20 more, you have even more choices. This is so good I bought tickets myself.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant added two new routes this week, and with that came fares lower than I’ve ever seen from these cities. In addition, there’s good availability on most Allegiant Hawaii routes this fall starting at just over $300 round-trip, including tax.

Hawaiian Air

Although Hawaiian’s recent fare sale was set to expire on July 30, 2012, I still am finding excellent pricing on most direct flights from Hawaiian’s gateway cities to Hawaii. Prices range from about $181 to low $200’s each way including tax.

Tip: Check all three carriers with your dates and routes in mind first as availability and pricing vary greatly. Use the calendar view of fares. 

Fewest Visitors

The peak summer travel season officially ends this week (August 12). Going forward, you will find  the best deals of the year for airfare, accommodations, and activities. There will be fewer visitors in the islands. You can have beaches all to yourself, find less traffic, plan spontaneous activities and walk up to favorite restaurants without reservations. In a word, it’s idyllic.

Hawaii Weather

Annual Hawaii rain usually occurs twice. The first is sometime in November or December (the other is March or April). So you have plenty of time to visit before then and even select areas to stay or play that are typically wetter at other times of year. That’s more great  news for those planning a Hawaii vacation this fall.

The dry season in Hawaii runs from May through at least October.

Other than occasional tropical storms, the rain pattern is mostly away from the beach, in what is called “mauka” or mountain based showers. These are generally brief and occur at any time, though often at night.

The mauka showers are an aspect of our prevailing trade winds (Hawaii’s air conditioning), and cross the islands from the northeast to the south west, leaving the south and west sides generally warmer and dryer.

So while our mountains and valleys receive rain, it generally remains dry at the coast. This is typical of Hawaii’s micro climates.

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