Waikiki Free Parking Update

Waikiki Free Parking Update

We’ve been on the lookout again for cheap Waikiki parking, or better yet free parking. There are changes afoot in Waikiki parking, so it seemed time for a 2012 update.

It is easy to drop a bundle quickly when parking in Waikiki. On the other hand, if you’re creative and do a little planning, you can still find inexpensive or free alternatives.

Free Waikiki Parking near Honolulu Zoo

There is still free parking adjacent to the Honolulu Zoo, which is almost always available. If you find yourself heading towards that end of Waikiki, it’s an opportunity for a glorious walk along the single most famous strip of Hawaii beach.

This parking is available 24 hours a day, so it works perfectly for overnight parking at Waikiki Hotels. Parking is located on Monsarrat Ave, which is seen here on Google Maps. It is also located in the Waikiki Shell parking lot along the same street.

You’ll find somewhat expensive metered parking in the Zoo lot itself. It costs $1 per hour, $24 per day. You can pay with cash or credit cards.

Free Hilton Hawaiian Village Parking

Located behind the Illikai and the Hilton lagoon, this free Waikiki parking lot closes at 10:30pm. Find it on Google Maps. The lot gets crowded, so you may need to wait a bit for a spot.

Ala Wai Canal Free Parking

There’s still free parking along the Ala Wai Canal not far from the Ala Moana Shopping Center. Parking is hard to find but when available, it’s free 24 hours a day.

$12 Aston Waikiki Banyan Parking

The price just went up last month from $10. Compared with neighboring lots, however, it’s still a great deal. You’ll find this on Ohua Street, near the middle of Waikiki with free in/out privileges.

Changes afoot

This week new solar meters were installed in downtown Honolulu. A pilot project at this point, the city is looking to see if these should be deployed throughout the area. The smart meters automatically reset when you drive away and process credit cards in real time. There’s even the ability to use your cell phone to add time to your meter.


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  1. otoko (2 years ago)

    FYI, for the free street parking, be sure to pay attention to possible “street cleaning” signs when parking is not allowed.