When to Travel – When to Book 2013 Hawaii Air Deals

When to Travel – When to Book 2013 Hawaii Air Deals

If you’re planning to join us here in the islands for a Hawaii vacation, now is the perfect time to start planning. And when you’re on a budget and want to take advantage of Hawaii air deals, it’s going to take some strategy. This is first a a series of posts covering a wide range of tips for Hawaii vacation travelers and answers to the questions we get asked most. So read on.

Best time to visit Hawaii and when should you book 2013 Hawaii air deals

The optimal times to find a cheap Hawaii airfare are generally as follows:

January through March travel. We posted great Hawaii deals yesterday and there will be more from other mainland locations shortly. Book these as quickly as they become available.

Mid-April through June 6 travel. Hawaii deals for this shoulder season are starting to pop up now. Airline strategy however is to keep you focused on what they are currently trying to sell. Therefore we’ll see more of these in the next few weeks once carriers believe those interested in booking Spring Break vacations have already been locked in.

August 12 through November 20 travel. Late summer and fall is traditionally the cheapest time of the year to visit Hawaii. It also happens to coincide with the best weather here in the islands. We will see offers for these dates trickle in from time to time, but then sometime between May and July there should be many more to choose from. The first round of sales may not be as cheap as later sales. So when to book these depends on your flexibility for last minute travel.

Which airlines offer the best Hawaii deals?

Hawaiian Air and Alaska Air are the two who are competing head to head and thus offering the best Hawaii deals. Legacy carriers and Allegiant are obviously part of the mix too.

Hawaii deals for high season travelers

If you can only visit Hawaii in the more expensive seasons, don’t despair. We’ll be covering strategies for peak seasons including summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years with our best Hawaii tips.

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  1. ailsa (2 years ago)

    Do the deals on airfare include flights from the east coast?

    • Jeff (2 years ago)

      Hi Ailsa,

      Yes, but…. There are limited flights from the east coast on these competitive carriers. There have been a lot of deals from New York.