Where to Find Free Parking in Waikiki

Where to Find Free Parking in Waikiki

We’ve started to make keeping track of free parking in Waikiki a tradition. It’s a passion, even a bit of a game if you will. This past week we saved well over $100 using these tricks, which is no chump change.

Free Parking in Waikiki and Cheap Parking in Waikiki

There are some easy alternatives to paying ever more expensive parking rates in Waikiki. Here’s our updated list starting at the Ala Moana side of town and heading up to Waikiki’s Diamond Head side. Please let us know your tips too.

Ala Moana Beach Park

  • If you’re staying at any of the hotels near Ala Moana, there is free all day and overnight parking along side the park on Ala Moana Park Drive. There are some places where parking is not permitted overnight including the side fronting the Waikiki Yacht Club, so read signs carefully. It gets very busy on weekend days with beach goers. A suggestion is heading to the mall for parking during the day, then parking overnight along the park, which is virtually unused.

Hilton Hawaiian Village 

  • You’ll also still find free parking behind the Illikai Hotel and the Hilton’s lagoon. But remember this free Waikiki parking lot does close at 10:30 nightly. Google Maps. This lot tends to get crowded.

Ala Wai Canal Free Parking

  • It is getting harder and harder to find free parking along the Ala Wai Canal. This spot on the other side of the canal opposite the convention center, and towards the ocean end, has a limited numbers of spaces which are always in demand. When you do find it though, it is available 24 hours a day.

Aston Waikiki Banyan Parking $12

  • Last year the price increased from $10 to $12. That’s still a good deal, however, when compared with other nearby lots. It’s on Ohua Street, towards the center of Waikiki and includes in and out privileges at no extra cost.

Honolulu Zoo Area

  • At the Diamond Head side of Waikiki, along side the Honolulu Zoo, you’ll find free unlimited time parking which is almost always available on Monsarrat Avenue. Do watch for signs indicating occasional closures for special events. This works great for overnight parking at nearby Waikiki Hotels. Google Maps. There is also free parking in the Waikiki Shell’s parking lot which is located on the same street.
  • As you may recall, once cheap metered parking in the Zoo parking lot now costs $1/hour, $24 per day. Payment via cash or credit card.

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