WiFi Coming to Hawaii Flights

WiFi Coming to Hawaii Flights

If you’ve been wondering like we have when WiFi would finally make its way to Hawaii flights, the answer is in the air. United Airlines is the first carrier to make a statement in that regard. While UAL has been slow to roll out WiFi, they announced last week that satellite based WiFi which operates over water will soon be coming to their fleet of planes. That gives them the ability to offer Hawaii Wi-Fi for the first time.

WiFi on Hawaii flights

United says that its Ku-band satellite WiFi will be installed on 300 planes by the end of this year. They plan to offer a choice of two speeds. Standard will initially be priced up to $15 per flight, and accelerated at up to $20 per flight depending on distance.

Go-Go Goes satellite

Go-Go is the US airline industry standard for terrestrial WiFi. Last year the company partnered with AeroSat in order to extend its reach to over water flights using Ku-band service such as will be used by United. That technology offering  is currently available to be dispatched. Go-Go has also partnered with Inmarsat whose state of the art, fast Ka-band satellite network service will be ready for over water WiFi within the next two years.

Hawaii Wi-Fi on other airlines will follow

Alaska Airlines as well as American, US Air and Delta already use Go-Go terrestrial service. So adding the profitable satellite offering appears highly likely. Hawaiian Air doesn’t currently have Wi-Fi. WiFi to Hawaii will become a standard offering on most carriers in the not distant future.

Are you ready to pay $15 to $20 for Hawaii Wi-Fi?

Please let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Happyhwest (1 year ago)

    WiFi for 10-20$ – I think the price is fine, I am a consultant and need the service, I will choose an airline that has it over an airline that does not. ( I make choices on who I fly on based on WiFi access.) Please provide the service, so I can travel to Hawaii more often.

  2. sfhawaiiboy (2 years ago)

    Satellite internet access is extremely expensive and often slow. I have used satellite wi-fi on cruise ships, and it is typically around $100 per 4 hours for a rather slow connection. The charge is by the *minute*, not by the data rate. As with airline travel, you’re part of a captive audience, so it’s not like you can hop off and walk to the nearest internet cafe, which is typically connected to wired, ground-based connection–and brings us us back to my point. Satellite internet is expensive to implement and maintain! Someone has to pay for all that cost.

  3. martha (2 years ago)


  4. Ann (2 years ago)

    I’ll bring a book, thanks!

  5. Bruce Grant (2 years ago)

    I think $15-$20 per flight for wi-fi is a ripoff, and I would do without it. $5 should be the maximum, and $3-$4 would be fair while giving the airlines a reasonable profit. I’m tired of airline fees (they are almost bait-and-switch since the advertised ticket price doesn’t usually include all the necessities anymore), and I always choose the airline with the fewest fees.

  6. Len Lantycch (2 years ago)

    No. Southwedt has it for $5. It gives you live TV 8 channels and internet..

  7. Marilyn Stroud (2 years ago)

    I think it is extremely cheap for the airlines to plan to charge for WI-FI. I would use another airline out of principle. However, unfortunately there are few choices in airlines.

    The option is not to go, which is not unreasonable since the airlines make it so annoying and almost unbearable with their attitude.

  8. Vicky (2 years ago)

    When will the airlines ever show their gratitude to the passengers for their loyalty. So many expected comforts are now for a fee. To charge to watch a movie that cost around $20.00 to purchase by the airlines that they then charge 5.00 per passenger is really sad. How about saying thank you to US for choosing YOU to fly.