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Hotels Require Hawaii Vaccination Passports + New Maui COVID Rules Detailed

The first Hawaii hotels to implement a Hawaii vaccination passport mandate have just announced that starting October 15, all persons entering their properties must provide proof of full vaccination. That includes employees, guests, and others. The news comes as Hawaii announced 380 new Covid cases today, which, if accurate, is significantly lower than what we have been seeing recently.

The included hotels are the Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach, Ambassador Hotel Waikiki, Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, Courtyard Marriott Waikiki Beach, Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach, Park Shore Waikiki, and Pearl Hotel Waikiki.

This is the first of what we expect will be more similar announcements. It was unveiled today by executives of Highgate Hawaii at a press conference attended by the Hawaii Tourism Authority and Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Assn., and government officials.

The company said it is contacting upcoming guests to advise them of the policy change and requirements. The mandate will apply to all employees as well, with limited exemptions for religious or medical reasons. The rollout was spurred by the Safe Access Oahu vaccination passport program, which starts on September 15 (see details below).

Maui officially announces vaccination passport requirements.

Yesterday, Maui joined Honolulu in formally mandating proof of vaccination for entry to some businesses. The Safer Outside program was revealed yesterday and will, like Oahu’s program, go into effect next week, once formally approved by the governor. The rules are set to be reviewed in 30 days.

Safer Outside includes a reduction in capacity for commercial boating, ground transport, and commercial tours. No spectators will be allowed at indoor and outdoor sports events. “We are calling our new set of rules Safer Outside… This means that all gatherings up to a maximum of 10 should be held outside whenever possible. We are modifying social gatherings inside five people, outside up to 10 people… For outside shared areas, individuals must comply with physical distancing requirements of at least six feet of physical separation from all other persons who are not part of the same household. And this goes for everyplace that you’re at.” — Sandy Baz, Maui County.

Maui’s Mayor indicated they might have additional guidelines to be announced subsequently. Also, employees can either be vaccinated or be tested regularly. Details of that are forthcoming. In addition, any event of more than 50 persons must obtain an exemption.

All customers over age 12 must provide proof of full vaccination. Those younger are exempt.

Maui restaurants and bars will now need to close by 10 pm. Guests are to remain seated and not socialize.

Those not fully vaccinated can only be served in outdoor dining areas. They can also access takeout and drive-thru services.

All gyms and fitness centers can continue to operate at 50% capacity indoors, with the same vaccination requirement for those over age 12. Facilities must verify vaccination status.

Violation of rights – not according to Maui and ACLU.

Sandy Baz, Maui County’s manager, said, “for those claiming that vaccine mandates compromise civil liberties, the American Civil Liberties Union does disagree.” The ACLU says, “Far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties. They protect the most vulnerable among us, including people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated and communities of color hit hard by the disease.”

What proof is acceptable on Oahu and Maui?

Vaccination cards, including images or in digital form, will be acceptable proof on Oahu and Maui for now. The state is planning for some form of an electronic verification system, which has not yet been announced. Last week, Ige said that, for these new vaccination passports, the state would have the ability to verify those vaccinations which took place in Hawaii. Still, he did not discuss those vaccinated elsewhere.

Each island can implement its own rules.

The governor reiterated last week that each island could move separately. And Oahu and Maui have already done so.

Mitch Roth of the Big Island said, “we have been looking at it (vaccine passports)… We don’t have a lot of the (financial) safety nets we had last year… We have not decided yet… We are also waiting to see what happens with Honolulu.”

Kauai is also contemplating a vaccine passport and is looking first to see what happens with Honolulu’s implementation. “We’re taking a look at it,” said Mayor Kawakami.

Why vaccination Passports for Hawaii restaurants?  20 Covid clusters at restaurants just occurred.

As the country is hit by the latest wave of COVID-19 courtesy of the Delta Variant, Hawaii is again looking to roll out restrictions to prevent further virus spread. It was reported by the State Department of Health last week that at least 20 recent Covid clusters in Hawaii in a recent two-week period are related to restaurants.

Recently, renowned Hawaii restauranteur Peter Merriman said that all staff and customers would be vaccinated against Covid.

The use of commercial vaccination passport apps is up next.

We believe Hawaii will soon move for verification to the three state-approved commercial vaccination passports that thus far have been solely used as options for Hawaii travel. Lt. Gov. Green confirmed that idea, stating, “all we really have to do is, work with either Clear or CommonPass, who we already have a deep relationship with, who are helping us with the Safe Travels program to show that people are vaccinated. He said it would make life easier in Hawaii.

These are the Hawaii-approved vaccination passports.

BOH note: In terms of travel to Hawaii, registering and complying with the requirements of the state’s Safe Travels program remains the only current requirement for all arrivals (not required for interisland travel). Safe Travels is needed to create your trip, link and obtain approval of these vaccination/testing passport exemptions, and lastly, complete the required health questionnaire within 24 hours of travel. The passports below are simply options. 

CommonPass Hawaii – SMART Health Card.

CommonPass said that “U.S. visitors with a ‘SMART Health Card’ digital vaccine record can use CommonPass to verify that they’ve been vaccinated and waive the testing requirements… When travelers use the CommonPass exception to confirm their vaccination status in Safe Travels, they will be instantly verified, rather than needing to wait for verification as they would when uploading a paper CDC card.”

First, you download the CommonPass App, available for both iOS and Android. Finding it in the phone stores can be confusing, so we found it easiest to start here.

Next, either 1) scan your vaccination record directly into the app. “Note: CommonPass does not accept CDC vaccination card uploads.” Or, 2) for test results, “select the lab where you were tested and log into the lab portal through the CommonPass app or scan or import your SMART Health Card QR. Note: you must get tested at a CommonPass compatible lab.” Then, use the CommonPass and the pass ID number as the exception method in the Safe Travels Portal.

CLEAR Health Pass.

CLEAR Health Pass can be used by all passengers 18 and older. CLEAR’s no-cost mobile phone app’s health pass allows 1) vaccine verification or 2) negative test results to be uploaded.

To use CLEAR, upload your proof of vaccination or COVID test result on the CLEAR app and then go to the Safe Travels website and apply for quarantine exemption via the CLEAR Health Pass. Also, complete the health questionnaire on the Safe Travel site within 24-hours of travel.

AZOVA Simple Health Pass.

AZOVA offers expanded Covid testing options. You can also get vaccinated through AZOVA’s vaccine network or get your digital vaccine record confirmed by them to obtain your Simple Health Pass. You must link this pass with Hawaii Safe Travels. All adults 18 and over must still register with the Hawaii Safe Travels online system. Each child traveling with an adult should be included in the adult’s Safe Travels form.

As with the other vaccination passports, once you have you apply for Exemption/Exception from Quarantine and in this case, choose the AZOVA Exemption and select your trip and enter your name. In the AZOVA Exemption, enter your Credential ID and press Verify (you will see a verification status once completed).

Updated 9/8/21.

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  1. This is hilarious when the vaccinated carry the virus as well. Very sad, been to Hawaii 19 times and my Husband is triple vaccinated but we can’t go. Why don’t you do blood tests. I did one here and have never had it, so criminal. Hawaii was like my second home. We would stay a month, but now will travel overseas to a Country that is open. My Doctor said the whole World is open now, and I said, not America.

    1. Not sure why you think you can’t go to Hawaii. This article is from September of 2021. All restrictions have currently been dropped.

      1. Don’t be so mean. I opened this email this morning and had to work all day thinking about it before I realized it’s old. Mean. Grow a heart before it’s too late.

  2. If you want to eat at restaurants, you will need to show your vaccination card. We are currently here. Not all ask but just letting you know.

  3. Having been vaccinated and bolstered in UK, I uploaded it to the New York City NYCCOVIDSAFE App along with my Passport Picture for use in Manhattan. It was accepted everywhere on Oahu wit no trouble. Free and easy to use.

  4. Does CLEAR, or Common PASS make entry into Hawaii faster, and easier, or is the card just as fast? (I am vaccinate and have gotten the booster)

    Also, if you want the Common Pass, or CLEAR pass do you get it before you register on the Hawaii SafeTravels and add it then, or do you register on SafeTravels and get the pass after you are registered.(I contacted the State and did not get a clear answer)

    1. LOPAKA15… Be aware that both programs are limited. Can’t remember which but one only accepts “digital” vaccination proof and last I knew only California and one other state issued “digital” cards. As for the other one, again it is limited – I think it requires proof of where you were vaccinated and even one of the three largest providers in our state was not on their list. Since you need to show your vaccination proof on occasions other than flying, upload it to your phone and then to Safe Tra

      1. thank you .. I guess that I’ll just load the card, and bring the card with me.
        I have digital proof(Excelsior Plus ) from NY showing my vaccination and booster It’s on my phone as a backup to prove that I was vaccinated.I know Hawaii does not accept that, but I figured that it can;t hurt to have it since it’s verification from my State that I was vaccinated.

    2. We are on Maui now and the only thing you need to do is go to Hawaii safe travels and update with your vaccine card. No other site is needed. Safe travels will send you a QR code via email. Then you show it to the airlines and they give you a wrist band. Easy…

  5. We just returned from Maui. The Safe Travels site was a a little confusing. We did AZOVA (don’t waste your money😡). Best thing to do if you have time is the Clear Health Pass. The common Health Pass has you do a couple of things in the last 24 hours before your flight. That is when things are the busiest. It was worth the effort 🥰

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