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  1. We spent the two weeks before Christmas in Maui & enjoyed in second! Kauai is a bit too much of a challenge; but, the power to be on Kauai created the mess!

  2. We have visited Kauai and Maui nearly every year since 1999 as two-week timeshare owners at the Kauai Beach Club. We had plans to come again this February, but canceled our time on Kauai because we had only planned a nine-day stay. As a side note, we also canceled our 3+ weeks in Palm Desert, CA, because of the virus situation in that state. We are so grateful to be visiting Maui for nearly a month.

    1. We have visited Kaua’i once or twice a year for the last 8 or 9 years being time share owners in Princeville (home resort Bali Hai) and have come to live the island and the Aloha spirit of the Hawaiian culture. With all the issues brought on by Mayor Kawakami’s on again off again ridiculousness, we have switched gears and no visit the USVI twice a year; no untenable restrictions and only a 4 hour nonstop flight opposed to the 14 hour journey to the islands. I hope to return to Kaua’i, but for now USVI and the Big Island ( we own there too) are the go to spots. Mahalo nui loa BOH for your service!

    2. We cancelled last years October visit to Kauai Waiohai and I am even concerned for this October. We also cancelled our Palm Desert, CA……masks have to be worn at the pool when in chair….bad tan lines!

  3. For 13 years, my wife and I have happily vacationed for 3 weeks on Kaua`i staying at a lovely rental house in Anahola. We are booked to return for another 3 weeks on March 9. We considered Kaua`i’s special “resort bubble” option, but found it too complicated, too restrictive and way too expensive. It would cost us an extra $800 to stay at a hotel that we really don’t want to visit, $160 for 2 arm bracelets and $400 for 2 post travel testing. This is just not something we want or are willing to do. If Kaua’i does not change its travel restrictions within the next few days to be in sync with the rest of Hawai`i, we will cancel our trip and vacation elsewhere. This just does not make sense.

  4. I own a timeshare in Princeville. We had to cancel two times last year. We’re credited with that week to use this year. Now I have to pay for 2021 and have no desire to keep moving the date. I feel very bad for the locals. We have loved Kauai for years and are sick that it is being bankrupted. But we can no longer pay for what we are not allowed to use. TW

  5. As time share owners with our home resort in Princeville, this on again off again resort bubble second test from another island nonsense will keep us away, especially when the Big Island and Maui have the Test and visit program. As a result of this, we are doing our annual trips to the USVI St. Thomas. The flight time is 4 hours as opposed to 15 hours to the Hawaiian Islands. Hopefully they get back into the Safe Travel program.

  6. The locals just don’t want us. They make it very clear on the islands FB sites. So why go to a place you are told “now is not the time to come’.

  7. Keeping people safe sounds like a good plan, so keep it up. Also, just wondering why no Native Hawaii’ns are commenting on this thread?

    1. Though I may not be a Kauai resident, I’m a native woman raised in the homesteads of Waimanalo and Nanakuli on Oahu.

      While there is some danger associated with this virus, the path chosen by Kauai County is horribly damaging not only to local businesses and the local community, but to the entire lifestyle (generally) associated with life in the islands.

      Through my life I’ve lived by the mantra of “Live Aloha.” This core statement is more than just a marketing slogan, it’s about how we, as a people, choose to adhere to the cultural values that make life in our islands unique. It’s about how you live your life, but it also dictates how you should welcome others as if they were always a member of our community. Let me ask you, is the way that visitors are currently being treated even close to upholding “Live Aloha?”

      Visitors are generally required to pay hundreds extra for Covid testing before they’re even allowed to head to Kauai. At the airport they’re “greeted” by National Guard troops in combat fatigues, treated with suspicion, denied car rental, saddled with expensive taxi rides to overpriced “resort bubble” properties, then charged hundreds more to be tagged with transponders like convicted criminals. Is this how we treat treasured guests? Is this the Aloha Spirit that we should be sharing with others, or is this a grossly misguided and prohibitively expensive experiment in convincing people that it’s possible to hide from viruses in 2021?

      This is NOT who we are as Hawaiians, and when we allow these travesties to occur for the sake of “safety,” we’re not just discarding an integral part of our heritage, but also causing permanent, long term damage to the aura of Hawaiian hospitality that keeps people returning to these islands.

      The Coronavirus is real, but rather than destroy businesses and livelihoods, there are other ways to address these challenges. Subsidize testing, quick test on arrival, and assist at-risk residents to keep them safe.

      1. That is so beautifully written and it exactly how my husband and I feel,not only for visitors but for returning residents. He felt like a criminal after visiting his family in Waianae Oahu;it was a terrifying experience

      2. Thank you Angie, for your thoughtful and insightful comments. As you said, Live Aloha is SO much more and it never has been just a marketing slogan for me. I have visited all the main islands but it is the unique aloha spirit of Kauai that has been bringing me back each year for nearly 20 years. I have been so disheartened to read the comments for this posting and earlier ones so yours stood out. I was reminded of the warmth and the healing I’ve needed during some of my visits. Your practical suggestions for testing and assistance give me hope, along with many other comments I’ve read here, that I may return later this year to island I love and appreciate so much.

  8. Thank you for this information. We love Kuau but it is obvious thoses in charge do not want main landers on tbe island no matter how healthy we are. We will return when welcome if there is snything to return to. I hope there is

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