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499 thoughts on “How Some Tourists are Ruining Hawaii Travel for Everyone”

  1. Beautifully written. Thank You for sharing Hawaii and your beautiful culture. I can not wait to visit again for my Third time, as who knows this may be my last experience I will share with my father….. Thank You!

  2. Always respect the people and the land wherever you travel …….especially in Hawaii with Aloha which also means love ❤️

  3. Bravo for publishing this article. Hawaii has always been the one place we, as tourists, escape to every year for the “Aloha”. We have enough of the “idiot mentality” on the mainland and so much appreciate escaping that for the kindness we find only in Hawaii. Waving somebody waiting in their car into the traffic flow is one graceful example of the Aloha we experience. The lack of angry horn honking to “get moving” or not allowing a car to merge into “your” lane is another example of the love for each other that is lacking in many US states, but not in Hawaii. We have been blessed for many years of Aloha in our past visits and can only hope that this lovely way of life continues despite the rude and “entitled” that invade the islands.

    1. Comparing a visit to Hawaii and a visit to Las Vegas is most certainly a case of apples and oranges. Las Vegas was chosen as the location for a gambling destination precisely because there was not much else there. Hawaii became a destination because of what
      *is* there.
      That you feel Hawaii has a theme park vibe is definitely part of the attitude problem. Sorry to say this but it’s true.

  4. I’ve been to Hawaii many times and even when things go wrong I can’t help but have a good time and feel love for the place and people. Let’s just face it. We have opened the floodgates to this kind of behavior by encouraging entitled to unleash their hatred and ignorance. They actually think they’re making a political statement.

  5. It’s like all this people had a meeting before they came here and said let’s make sure we ruin Hawaii…lol come on!!! stop being so naive, what are you trying to get out of this?… i live here and I’ve seen locals treat me and others like we’re worthless… so what is it, the color???

  6. Damericans! That’s how they act in Tijuana, pronounced, by the way, “Tea – whana”. Also how Canadians act when they come down to Bellingham Washington, border town.

  7. While I agree with most of what was said, Polynesian Cultural Center is still a place to be respected as there are locals and Polynesian people and culture there. It is not a playground! Same rules apply there and everywhere on the island. You’ll just get nicer people at PCC!

  8. Illegal vacation rentals, Southwest’s mass marketing and Turo’s are all contributing to the degradation of tourism in Hawaii. Trying to maximize tourism as cheaply as possible and turning Hawaii into a Las Vegas or Orlando type destination is going to have negative ramifications on an Island. Out of State business interests that really don’t care about Hawaii are at play here.

  9. BOE,

    I don’t think it’s “revenge” travel. There’s a level of disappointment. Everything is more expensive, but so many places are understaffed. So, the visitors have to wait longer for everything. Worse service + higher prices = frustration.

    This too will pass.

    I’d like to say more, but I won’t!


  10. I would love to live in Hawaii.As visitor I would be respectful of locals cause I lived in a tourist town and understand the problems
    Live and let live and always be kind

    1. I gotta ask…Mary essentially put a comment that being kind is important, some people actually gave her thumbs down?? Have we devolved as a Country in these last few years of hate and fingerpointing by certain leaders that “being kind is a bad thing”?….Integrity, honesty, respect have all come under attack of late, but kindness? Really?

      1. Thank you for replying to kindness. I usually dont like to take time to sign up for a reply. but kindness is so important. Thank you so much for reminding or even teaching some readers that kindness appreciation should never be attacked. My friendship circle seems to be getting smaller as I discover the lack of the traits you mentioned. I only want my life filled with kindness, integrity, honesty, loving…


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