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Kauai Travel Will Reopen April 5: Details

We’d heard rumors and now it is confirmed. Kauai will rejoin the statewide Safe Travels program, starting April 5. The county has asked the governor for his approval, which will undoubtedly occur.

Starting April 5, the only requirement to visit Kauai will be, as with the other Hawaiian islands, to have a negative result from a “trusted partner” COVID test taken within 72 hours of departure to Kauai from the mainland. There will be no further requirements for travelers, according to the latest update. We assume that this will also eliminate all interisland requirements, but there was no update on that thus far.

This will also mark the end of the Kauai resort bubble program. That’s another issue in that hotels have invested in being part of that program, and in fact two hotels are just joining the program this month. They are Hanalei Colony Resort and the Lawai Beach Resort.

Kauai is rapidly performing vaccinations and the mayor said his request is based largely on that. Already, those in the hospitality industry have begun receiving immunizations. Mayor Kawakami said, “Kauai remains one of the safest places in the United States throughout the pandemic, thanks to the efforts of our community-minded residents and health-focused travel restrictions… At this time, more than 24,000 doses of vaccine have been administered.”

As you know, Kauai has been operating under its own rules since it requested to no longer be part of the state’s program.

Kauai’s economy is decimated, and should this reopening occur as planned, this will be great news for workers on the island.

Additionally, many Kauai hotels will be offering post-travel testing to those who want it. These will be optional.

198 thoughts on “Kauai Travel Will Reopen April 5: Details”

  1. We are traveling to Kauai on 4/3. We are staying at a resort bubble. We will have a pre flight Covid tests. So are we out of quarantine on 4/5 or will we still have to take a second Covid test? Any insight would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Eddie.

      You’re the third person to ask. That was not addressed by the county today. We will try to get an answer.


  2. This news is too late for us, too. We re-cancelled our Kaua’i stay starting April 6th for 5 weeks when I read that the rules wouldn’t change until mid-May. Going to Oregon instead. Oh well, we’ve rescheduled Kaua’i for the fall.

    1. We have a CA friend joining us at the KCR Beachboy on April 4…He has both shots…Is he out of luck by one day, or can he join us without Q if he has his pre 72 hour test ?…Thanks…PS, we arrive in Kona March 21 and Kauai March 28…

      1. Hi Don.

        Quite a few people have asked the same question, and how that will work will need to come from the county. April 4 arrival would indicate either quarantine, resort bubble, or prior stay on another island with a second test. That is all subject to change, and we do expect clarification soon since yesterday’s information was rudimentary.


  3. That is Great News. Thank You . I support 3 people and all of us have gotten the Covid Vaccine and have a trip planned May 20th we are hoping this will happen. This will make the people I support so happy. Thanks again for this wonderful new information. Sincerely Karen N.

    1. Hi Karen.

      We hope to have an answer about when vaccine travel will occur soon.


  4. i am wondering about person who had both vaccines by mid February and going to Kauai in May, do i still need a negative test?

  5. wow, April 5th. Godspeed for Mayor Kawakami, who we can all presume has endured little to no personal income loss from his absurd lockdown! Why April 5th? What is the “Science” requiring another 32 days of economic devastation! Shame on you Derrick and lets hope the voters put him on the unemployment rolls at the next election!

  6. I had planned on flying to Kauai in August for my 50th birthday and stay with my parents but, I’m not sure if I want to go now and I may do a road trip to MT and WY instead.🤔

  7. Great news! Native Kauaian ready to move back home to Kauai!I get it about the 72 hours pretest.. and No 10 days quarantine? Right?

  8. Aloha, Does Kaua’i COVID policy address incoming travelers who have been vaccinated? Is the COVID testing requirement the same for those already inoculated?

    Mahalo, Susan

    1. Hi Susan.

      When that happens it will come from the state, not the counties. It hasn’t happened yet.


  9. Oh well, after rescheduling 2 times we cancelled our April 11th trip when this site said it would be mid-May at the earliest. The mayor has been too wishy washy and we are done taking chances that he will change his mind again. Off to Florida instead.

    1. “This site” reported what the Mayor indicated at public level. Blame the Mayor for the erratic decision making. This change is great news for the island of Kauai and it’s residents!

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