LAX to HNL $99 Late Summer/Fall Including Thanksgiving


Updated 6/30:

This deal seems to be ending as the available seats are fast diminishing.  I’m no longer finding any $99 seats ($235 all-inclusive), but still a few in the $285-305 (all-inclusive) range.  These dates are mostly in October through early December.  I found the seats best using flexible date search on Kayak.  Because of how Kayak works, however, you may have to try multiple dates that will actually yield the results.  The seats are there, so keep going.  And let me know how you fare!

We recently saw this deal for Spring travel.  Now it returns for unbelievable late Summer and Fall travel to Hawaii.  Even Thanksgiving week is available as of this moment.  Do not expect this to last long.

Here’s the deal:

Cost:  $235 round-trip (all-inclusive)

Airlines:  American, Continental, Delta/Northwest

Dates:  Late-August Travel through December 16

Advance purchase:  None

Minimum/maximum stay:  3 days/None

Fare basis code:   KX00A0SB (NW)

Availability:  At this moment, excellent and wide-open.  It works starting in Honolulu too.  Book either on the airline sites, or try Kayak, FareCompare, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.

49 thoughts on “LAX to HNL $99 Late Summer/Fall Including Thanksgiving”

  1. Jeff,
    I’m looking to fly to HNL from BDL in April 2010. Should I wait til the end of the summer or fall for the best deals?

    We would be willing to fly out of EWR if it was a REALLY good deal. Other airports would be LGA or JFK too. Again we prefer BDL only because of the lack of traffic and tolls and inexpensive parking. I did subscribe to the emails and will keep looking and thanks for your advice and time to keep a lookout too. Tracy

  2. Hi Derek,

    $350 to mid-$500 is the deal range that we see between Chicago and Honolulu. At this time, there’s a $534 (all-inclusive) fare, which isn’t bad.

    The fares might come down if you wait, likely until the end of July or even into August. On the other hand Chicago is one of the least predictable cities in that regard and fares could be higher.

    I hope that helps and that you have a terrific first trip here to Hawaii.

    Aloha, Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff –

    My girlfriend and I will be first-time travelers to Honolulu in October/November. We are planning on leaving on either Oct 31 or Nov 1 and staying until Nov 5 or 6 depending on the day we leave. We will be departing from Chicago O’Hare. I’m wondering if it’s smartest take a direct flight from Chicago or take advantage of a cheap flight from LAX to Honolulu. What would be your suggestion in terms of a decently priced flight? I appreciate the time, Jeff.


  4. Hi Manima,

    When I looked at this for you last week, here’s what I found:

    First, it is really way too early for most fall airfare sales.

    There is however the good deal to LAX from HNL @ about $250. Then from LAX to CUN is about $300. So about $650 in total from LIH. To add the Tampa one-way, if you want to book now, use Spirit Airlines in conjunction with the HNL-LAX Fare. $700 total.

    Not bad at all really if you want to book this far in advance. Otherwise, I suggest waiting, probably another 1-2 months before booking. You will need to watch daily for deals of course.

    Stopovers will definitely mess up virtually all fares. Something to keep in mind.

    Aloha, Jeff

  5. HI Jeff,
    I’m traveling to Cancun in late October and found a fare for $535 one way (I’m using miles for the return)
    Then, a week later, from Cancun to Tampa, Fl $150 (if I combined the two flights the fare was $50 higher so I priced separately).
    Are these good enough fare for me to purchase now or would you suggest waiting until later in the summer? I need to fly on specific dates.
    When my friend asked you last week I hadn’t yet decided to stop in Tampa after Cancun for a few days to see a friend. The prices I found for RT were close to $900 so I decided to use miles from Tampa back home to keep the cost low. The one-way fare kept the fare within my price range.
    I’ll take your advice and wait for fall sales.

    Thanks Jeff

  6. Hi Abby,

    Specifically because your dates are fixed and $476 is a good deal anyway, I’d go ahead and buy it. By the way, I’m not finding that price right now, the best price for your dates is $537 (still not bad). Then just don’t look back once you buy it.

    Aloha, Jeff

  7. It’s my first time to Hawaii and we are planning a trip from BNA-Nashville to HNL Nov. 16-23 dates are firm. I found a $476 pp flight with AA. I’m just torn if I should go ahead and book it now or wait til later in the summer to see if it goes any cheaper. Any advice?

  8. This deal is still available on American as of last night (June 10). I just booked 99/one way (235/rt/all-in with tax) in late October.

  9. Hi Jeff…I have been watching the blogs for specials and came across this one. Watching airfares from MCI-KOA for 9/22-10/2 and thought I might get a deal on flying MCI-LAX, LAX-HNL, HNL-KOA but doesn’t look good. When are the fares typically down for fall travel? Thanks for all the good info.

    1. Hi Charlie,

      I played around with your dates and cities too. It is cheaper piece-by-piece with MCI-LAX at just over $200, then $235 to HNL then inter-island for about $100.

      On the other hand, it is really too early for Fall fares and you’ll likely have more and perhaps better options if you wait to buy until later in Summer, like mid-July or even beyond. I know that’s hard to do when you want to plan a trip, but it is always cat and mouse with the airlines if you want the very best deals.


  10. jeff,

    we currently live in oklahoma but are driving to LA to ship our vechile. So we are wanting to leave out of LAX if possible.



    1. Hi Kristina,

      Okay that makes sense now. Your IP address was Oklahoma, so I couldn’t figure it out.

      I’d consider the $99 each way ($235 total) and just throw out the return. That’s the best deal right now at least. One way fares are more, and the cheapest ones route you from LA to Seattle to Honolulu.

      You might also just wait and see what happens, if you’re the adventuresome type.

      Aloha and best wishes on your upcoming move. Let us know how things work out.


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