VIP Alerts: Our First Premium Feature

Readers keep asking us to help get deals to their attention quickly.

Announcing VIP Alerts notification service. For just over $3 a month we’ll save you time and help get you to Hawaii for less money.

Sit back and we’ll text you immediately when there’s a deal for your city posted on Beat of Hawaii.

You can still subscribe to our posts for free in emailRSS reader, Facebook and Twitter. But now,  there’s a faster more sure way to be first to get our deals.

We have a reputation for finding Hawaii’s hidden airfare deals and reporting them first and most accurately. Deals we find typically save readers hundreds of dollars per person on each Hawaii trip. That’s why our deals are being seen millions of times this year.

The Hawaii airfare deals we find are highly time sensitive, so acting quickly is of the essence. Most of these great deals are gone within hours (not days). Email and Google Reader alerts work for some people but not for all.

Bonus: you can select two cities instead of one. This may be helpful for example if you live in Southern California and want to include Los Angeles and San Diego. Or if you have friends or family from another city who will be joining you or you’d just like to share this offer.

If you have any questions regarding Post Alerts please Comment below.

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2 thoughts on “VIP Alerts: Our First Premium Feature”

  1. Hi………….quick question

    My travel plans are to fly from SFO to HNL and then on to Maui and return to SFO from Maui.

    I never see this combination. Please tell me your suggestions.


    tom boxler

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