Super Bowl Hawaii-Style Grinds Include Rambutan Stress-Reducer

Super Bowl Hawaii Grinds Include Rambutan Stress Reducer

It’s Super Bowl Sunday; wow, football season went fast. At Beat of Hawaii, work will be happening in the office. But that aside, for Superbowl food on game day, guests who show up will each enjoy a traditional dish of stress-reducing Hawaii rambutan while they’re watching the game. Read more on that below. Here in Hawaii, game time is 1:30 pm (HST), so we can step out and enjoy gatherings under the tropical sun. Sorry, East Coast…

As a reminder, the biggest game of the year, between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, broadcast on FOX, will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Half-time: The breaking point for Superbowl food binging.

The Superbowl LVI half-time show will be headlined by Rihanna. Try this to whet your appetite.

For some (editor Jeff, for example), Super Bowl parties are about the food.

Even for the most avid football fall (Rob’s the example here), it’s a great time to gather with friends and family to enjoy the game and sample iconic Hawaii party dishes.

According to news articles, your heart needs to relax during the game, so to accomplish that, you might want to avoid fatty finger foods like dips, chips, and cheese, for example. More on that follows. This was reported years ago by the New England Journal of Medicine. As avid fans, we are emotionally connected to the game, and, “heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up…this increases the oxygen demand on the heart.”

Here’s betting that sitting in a lotus position with a plate of rambutan will do just the trick to stay healthy and calm without missing a heartbeat.

Rambutan Superbowl food | No recipes needed.


And now, our long-espoused relationship between rambutan and Super Bowl. Rambutan is an exotic fruit and a favorite winter treat here in the islands on Super Bowl Sunday or anytime. You’ll see them for sale at roadside stands or farmers’ markets from December through February. These leathery-skinned fruits with pliable spines may seem odd at first. Whatever you do, don’t bite into them whole.

Here’s our playbook for the best way to prepare a plate of rambutan for the game as a snack, appetizer, or dessert:

  • Score outside with a knife around the circumference.
  • Pass the half shell without the fruit.
  • Down and In. Hold the other half and squeeze the fruit in your mouth.
  • Penalty if you eat the seed inside while you enjoy the sweet taste. Although some friends eat them and say, they are like almonds.

Hawaii-style food choices top the list.

Here’s a day when many here go for the gusto. So here you go with other recommendations if rambutan is not on your playlist.

Here are some of our favorite, authentic, and top-rated Hawaii recipes.

Other great Super bowl food ideas | What’s your plan?

Interests and flavors range the gambit, of course, and Hawaii style doesn’t suit everyone. Here’s a list of things others here in Hawaii have mentioned to us as we started writing this. They ranged from chili bowls with spices to nachos with cheese sauce, sour cream, and black beans, tortilla chips with queso, guacamole, nachos, and chicken wings (real, buffalo wings, or vegetarian style), tater tots, meatballs, chocolate, creamy dips, easy appetizers, potato chips, pizza, pork sliders, bacon, and even tacos. These all make great super bowl snacks to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

Choose Super Bowl snacks, drinks, and food that are impressive and irresistible. We suggest picking a range of recipes to suit every guest. The ideal recipe selection for Superbowl combines a good mix of comfort foods, appetizers, and healthier options with party appetizers.

Superbowl drink ideas – Hawaii-style.

Yummy Superbowl beverages range from traditional cocktails to mocktails. For many, Superbowl and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly.  But options are always good, from wine to shots, and don’t forget the soft drinks and teas.

Hawaii-themed Superbowl drink recipes start with Mai Tai, to Zombies, tropical-flavored margaritas and punches, and lemonade. These can be traditional alcohol-based or not. They’re delicious either way.

Who doesn’t love a Hawaii-themed Super Bowl Party?

Super Bowl parties are a great time to watch the enigmatic game, eat Hawaiian foods, and schmooze with friends after a long hiatus.

Of course, food is always crucial, as are beverages. Choosing a mix of classic dishes like burgers or wings with sides, together with a healthy blend of veggie trays and fantastic salads.

We heard of a recent study (we didn’t find the link) that indicated that the most popular Superbowl party foods in recent years have been veggies. Are we talking cauliflower and sweet potatoes, and could that even be close to right?

Get the party started a couple of hours before the game starts, which, as we said, is 1:30 pm here in Hawaii or 3:30 pm on the west coast. And if Super Bowl isn’t on your agenda, it’s the perfect time to go shopping when stores are empty.

What’s on your Super Bowl plate this Sunday?


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