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Trade Your Heat Wave for the Refreshing Hawaiian Waves!

The mainland heat wave is not letting up yet, as the Weather Channel is predicting even more record highs to come. How are you coping with the intense heat?

A Hawaii vacation is always good, and Jeff is keeping an eye out for the best Hawaii travel deals to tell you about. Deal or not, you could be enjoying a breezy 79 degrees at the moment. So beat the heat wave. The only wave you’ll find here is a cool and refreshing one from the blue Pacific Ocean. Water temperatures are between 73 to 80 degrees now and the average land temperature in August is only 78 degrees!

We’ve been hearing from our readers that their friends can’t believe how pleasant the weather is in Hawaii.

Even though Hawaii is closer to the equator than most of the country, the breezy flow of cool air originating from the arctic keeps us comfortable year round. These trade winds make living here more energy efficient; just open your windows and enjoy the breeze! To learn more about Hawaii’s unique climate, read this post from January: Talking Hawaii’s Weather and Climate

If you are suffering from a case of the triple digits, we hope you can shut down your A.C. and put the money you’ll save on your electric bill towards your next Hawaiian vacation.

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