Uncertainty in 2023 Hawaii Travel Forecast Emerges

Uncertainties in 2023 Hawaii Travel Forecast Emerge

With a Hawaii price-to-value equation out-of-wack and emerging trends, there are changes ahead for 2023 travel.

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34 thoughts on “Uncertainties in 2023 Hawaii Travel Forecast Emerge”

  1. Coming next April 15 for 3 weeks. Staying with my brother-in-law and using his truck. No stinking taxes or exorbitant rental car rates for me.

  2. Re: Your article on Honolulu’s new air conditioned terminal. Your’e right that there are basically no options for food/drink.
    We usually arrive plenty early for our flights. Earlier this month, we checked in for a flight departing around ten. Long story short, the flight was delayed & boarding over for four+ hours. The only drink places that I found were a Dunkin’ Donut, which was closed due to no workers, & a small bar, which was not what we needed. Finally, at the newspaper/book/magazine/sundries store we bought 2 pre-made sandwiches that were disgusting. Both the tuna & chicken fillings seemeed to have been made in a blender with tons of mayo, and lettuce starting to spoil. Greasy and inedible! Yuck! We felt starved!

  3. The rental car rates are just out of control. It’s price gouging on steriods! But considering Hawaii would like to see less of us tourists, they are not going to do anything like put a waiver on some taxes or something to help the tourists. I love my time in Hawaii, but after 2023, not sure when I will return. The cost of the trip is getting crazy! I can’t imagine what Hawaii would do if they had no tourists?

    1. New air-conditioned terminal??? Wait, here we have some of the most comfortable weather and fresh air in the world and now some bonehead decided we’ll close it up and use vast amounts of energy to keep it cool. Complete insanity. Yeah, with our sky-high utilities we’ll spend needless money on a/C. So much for climate change. Who was the idiot that came up with this design?

  4. Mahalo for these comments! We are so fortunate that we have you both to be willing to keep us abreast of the latest developments in Hawaii travel. It is sad and depressing to see the path being taken but we hope that soon the powers that be over there will realize they are not making anything better for the Islands or the visitors. PS Wish I’d known you were headed to PHX, I would have loved to meet you for lunch!

      1. We love Hawaii, and have toured there over 25 times. However, the prices for airfare and hotels plus rental cars are getting to be exorbitant! We probably won’t be going back for awhile. Lo adt summer, we went to Tahiti and Canada instead. I hope that Hawaii doesn’t add extra fees to touring there, or we won’t be going back for awhile. Aloha!

  5. I plan to travel to Maui at the end of January into February 2023. I have be going to Maui for 20 years, I have never seen prices this high. 35-40% higher than 2018-2019.

  6. This Fall is most likely our last trip to Hawaii for some time. The costs are now just too much. I have cancelled my Hawaiian Airlines card and am just using my Alaska card since they fly to a lot of other places I would go. Considering cancelling my Marriott card too as the value keeps decreasing for leisure travelers like me. Planning a trip to anywhere and especially Hawaii is starting to become a chore. It use to be fun but now it just makes me sad. Heading into retirement in a few years and it appears as if I’ll have to stay close to home more than I expected. On the bright side I did wake up on the right side of the grass today!

  7. I have been traveling to Hawaii at least once a year for over 30 years having met great people and still have friends in Hawaii. Throughout all of the ups and downs, including those associated with the virus, I never thought that I would say that maybe it is time to find someplace else to spend what time I have left to really relax and yet that is exactly where I am at today. Sadly, the “spirit of aloha” is mostly a thing of the past in so many ways as I guess my visits will be too. Tax and spend is Not going to make Hawaii a better place either.

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