West Maui Travel Reopening In October Uncertain (Updated)

West Maui Travel Reopening In October Updated

Now four reopening dates for West Maui travel have been floated. But there are still more questions than answers.

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155 thoughts on “West Maui Travel Reopening In October Updated”

  1. We’re heading to Kahana mid-October and look forward to supporting the local community and do whatever we can to assist. My friend just returned and said she was happy she went and will be going again in January. So, if you want to go, please do and just be mindful and support the community as much as possible.

  2. We live in Australia and currently have a booking flying Hawaiian Airlines to Maui from 17 October to 26 October where we are supposed to be staying just outside Lahaina the resort currently is not open to tourists as far as we are aware. We need to cancel these flights but it is difficult to get information on when this part of Maui will be open to tourists. We also need to get a full refund as this inability to fly and stay there is not of our making but due to the fire.
    Currently there is no information on your website regarding this matter for the dates above. Can you please give us some current information. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Susan.

      Not all of West Maui’s resorts will open at the same time. If you want to mention the one where you have reservations perhaps someone will have more current information.


  3. Thank you for this post. We have reservations at Westin Maui Resort Ka’anapali for Oct 19-21, the last two nights of our trip (rest of stay is in Kihei) and were so conflicted about whether or not to cancel. The hotel hasn’t replied to my email, so I was feeling that we should cancel and stay elsewhere, but now I’m going to give it some more time. We want to act with aloha and respect, always, but I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to acknowledge that it’s an expensive trip with a certain level of expectation and a lot of emotions attached to it. It’s a special place. Mahalo.

  4. I would suggest being careful about telling the world that you “know short term rentals make the owners a lot of money” when in fact you do not know. I was forced to retire as a firefighter this year when I could no longer put off a full shoulder replacement. My wage was about $29 an hour but nothing is more fulfilling than service to humanity. At the same time, I love Maui and I’ve never had a visit that felt “long enough”. In 2014 I used my life savings as the down payment on a unit at Honua Kai in Ka’anapali. The HOA dues and fees exceed $3000 every month and the property taxes are now $21,600 per year. The electricity is the most expensive in the world. I spend over $5000 per month before I make a payment on the mortgage. My business has brought a lot of money to Maui and I pay a lot in taxes. If there was a “moratorium” as you suggest, I’ll lose the property to foreclosure, and I have a strong feeling that your “rent ceiling” would be well below my monthly nut. I would love for focused effort to complete those housing units as soon as possible, but I can’t defer vacation rental revenue for long. It may have been imprudent but I have made donations to the employee relief fund for Honua Kai and I hope to do what I can to help going forward, but I need to be able to make my own decisions about the use of my west Maui vacation rental property.

  5. Beat of Hawaii, thank you for providing a forum of communication. I have been reading along for many days and hopeful to fulfill our trip. We have been booked at the Westin Nanea and Just received notice that our reservation has been canceled (September 24-30). Actually a bit surprised and wondering if through the proclamation (not mandate) if there are penalties these resorts will receive by allowing those who choose to keep a reservation. Our intention for our vacation had changed as our minds were clear to help and support economically, and volunteer as needed to those who need some respite from all they have been enduring/organizing/facilitating. After reading recent posts encouraging economic support we were looking forward to it and making reservations in support of the restaurants opening.

    Two-months of no steady stream of income for this side of the island seems unfathomable—

    I am so sorry for all affected in this in so many ways. All of it is unthinkable. Rug pulled out and absolutely no sense of normalcy for you all—can’t even go to work and get a change of pace from things.

    Love to you all and much Aloha, (hopefully we can find an Airbnb or VRBO in replacement and still come support).

    Best, Autumn

  6. Love to see the people of Hawaii standing up and speaking for themselves instead of letting politicians do it for them.
    We visited Kaanapali and Lahaina for a few weeks in January 2021 and heard endless stories of how desperate people were without any tourists during Covid shutdowns. I know the people and economy can’t handle a situation without tourists like that again. I hope those with trips booked follow through and tip heavily!

  7. Why Oct 8? West Maui is open now! West Maui from Kaanapali and north did not burn. The road is Open. Gas stations, food stores, and others are open. We have power, water, cell, and internet. Life there is almost normal except there are no people to spend money and support the people and business there. Yes, avoid Lahaina Town, but there is absolutely no reason that this area of West Maui cannot be enjoyed like the rest of Maui right now..

  8. 86 million has been donated to Maui Strong, where is this money? I asked Gov Green’s Chief of Staff if the families in the hotels get food vouchers? That would help the local restaurants for months. He said they get a little extra money each month.
    They are going through the cycle of grief. God bless all of you. Hang tough, we are all helping and thinking of you.

  9. My llWife and I are so sorry to hear about the Lahaina fire. We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary their in 2017. We attended the Old Lahaina Luau. We had planned a trip back to Maui, but will hold off on plans for now, and show respect for the lives lost.

  10. October 8th. The Governor is threading a needle trying to stitch together the economic needs of West Maui and the dignified treatment and care of victims. $1200 payments per adult will buy time, but actions (clean-up, mitigation, restoration, rebuilding) will be the true measure. Never believe what people say, believe what they do. October 8 feels like a good compromise.

    On another note, and this is way off topic. Anyone know the status of Alex the Parrott from the Pioneer Inn? I am hoping someone was able to grab him before they fled, but to where? There were not a lot of options that night…

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