Zuckerberg Donates Another $10 M to Prior $50 M to Help Hawaii

Zuckerberg Latest: 600 Acres on Kauai At Larsens Beach

It has been reported in the news and social media that Mark Zuckerberg has purchased 600 more acres on Kauai. The property was apparently sold last month for over $50 million by a local family who trace ownership back to the Kingdom of Hawaii. That brought the Zuckerberg Kauai empire to a total of over 1,300 acres.

The transaction did not include the road which provides Larsen’s beach access. That is open to the public and is owned by the County of Kauai. As you may know, all Hawaii beaches are public.

The latest property is slated to remain undeveloped. There’s a good chance that will actually happen. Consider the land holdings on Kauai by Bette Midler that also remain undeveloped as an example.

57,000 square foot home.

According to county building permits, the Zuckerberg’s have a 57,000 square foot single-family residence with a total of 25 bathrooms on their original property.

With a net worth estimated at $114 billion, Zuckerberg is one of the richest people in the world. That is said to have grown by more than $40 billion in just the past year.

Where on Kauai are Zuckerberg’s properties found.

In his original purchases, the Facebook head acquired 700 acres, which included access to white sand Pilaa Beach, an organic farm, and a prior sugarcane plantation.

The original Pilaa Beach property consisting of 350 acres was acquired for about $50 million. An adjacent 357-acre plantation property that was previously planted in sugarcane was also added. It featured 2,500 feet of oceanfront access plus the organic farm. That cost the social media guru another $66 million.

A few miles to the south of Kilauea, on Kauai’s north shore, turn towards the ocean at the Kilauea Farm sign on N. Wailapa Road. Then drive to the end and turn left on a dirt road that ends at the beach overlook.

At the overlook, you’ll find two trails. The one on the left goes to beautiful Waiakalua Beach. It takes about 10 minutes to reach Waiakalua Beach, whereas the Pilaa trail is about 30 minutes away.

Secondly, Zuckerberg had a lava rock wall built along a portion of his property line on Koolau Road, which you’ll see in this video.


48 thoughts on “Zuckerberg Latest: 600 Acres on Kauai At Larsens Beach”

  1. Hi. It is N. Waiakalua Street not N. Wailapa. Wailapa is the next makai turn north of Waiakalua.

    The Waiakalua and Pila’a trails are public. A sign indicating the Pila’a trail and saying the bluff top land is a Kauai Land Trust easement owned by the Svengross family was cut and never replaced.

  2. He can make his own private road like the jerk on the hill above secrets beach but he can’t take that public road to the beach no matter the money or lawyer he has. And there’s plenty of locals that would try to stop him.

  3. Mark Zuckeberg and Bette Midler are two very different people! Bette Midler is very involved with parks, city gardens, horticultural education and the environment.

  4. Wall effectively blocks off any view of the Pacific. Apparently he believes he owns the view too. Heart hurts for the locals

  5. Why build a wall, are there border patrol keeping locals out from picking wild fruit growing on da property? He won’t last as long as the Original Hawaiian Kingdom. He will be conquered and the conquest will go down as one of the greatest victory of Hawaiian history. Like his software programs his legacy will be smothered into nothing but a nerd’s accomplished flukes. History will not look kindly upon his greed of property and respect of da Hawaiian Kingdom!

  6. I’m so glad that public access to beaches is always allowed no matter who purchases the properties around it. However, it is sad that a property that could be traced back to the Kingdom of Hawaii went to someone who may live there part time and seems to be buying up more land to keep the locals away, but has no real connection to Kauai or it’s history. Just another billionaire with too much money. Would be nice if he used some of his vast wealth to give back to the community there. Thank you.

  7. Look people, 25 bathrooms may sound excessive, but that’s only 1 bathroom for every 3000 SF of house. You need to keep these things in perspective.

  8. Another example of unbridled greed. 75k sf and 25 br? Slightly out of touch, Markie. So much for living the Aloha life.
    Mahalo for the video as well. I kept wondering where he got (purchased?) all that lava rock for the ridiculous wall. I certainly hope no ancient/sacred sites were disturbed obtaining it.
    So sad.


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