Are there snakes in Hawaii?

Are There Snakes In Hawaii?

Fascinating dive. Snakes in Hawaii are a big concern. Visitors may be wondering are there snakes in Hawaii. We have the complete answer.

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34 thoughts on “Are There Snakes In Hawaii?”

  1. Having snakes in Hawaii totally freaks me out, as you can tell I’m not a snake 🐍 lover! I know it was mentioned in your article but look at what happened in Guam and snakes devastating their bird populations, it’s a scary thought to consider this happening here in Hawai’i!

  2. Perhaps someday we shall all be required to pray to Saint Patrick for relief for the Hawaiian Islands.

    Ireland has no snakes; we can do it!

  3. Aloha , I am a Native
    And I haven’t seen a slithering Snake ! Unfortunately there are two Legged snakes ( car dealers of old , Loan sharks , and Bosses ) As you can tell by my writing I’m quite a humorous person ! If any Snake is seen by me I’ll
    Be sure to be heading in the opposite direction , ASAP then it’s reported , born & raised in Hi Maui & Neva saw one live , only on TV . As good thing …. I here in that they taste like Spam…lol

    K, den RB …

    1. Hi Randy.

      Same here on snakes – neither of us has seen one. How about scorpions? It took decades to find one, and then there it was, alive in the bathroom no less.


  4. Aloha, your. Article. On. Snakes. In Hawaiian. Paradise. Was. Very. Informative. & very. Professionally. Presented. Lived. In In wahiawa on Oahu 1971-1973 never. Saw. One of the creatures. Mahalo, stay healthy & safe, love to beautiful Hawaiian brothers & sisters !!!! Sincerely, jim amell

  5. Ohmigosh no snake’s please! I’ve always considered the island’s my safe place. I don’t like the centipedes and B-52 Bombers (Flying Cockroach)😧 Other than that, no Coyote’s; which we have to keep our pet’s inside at all times, keep on a short leash right next to us to do their business and/or to enjoy a little sunshine and nature. No bear’s,mountain lions, bobcats, snake’s, scorpion’s, tarantulas,shootings, and some of the most rude and dangerous driver’s in the state’s,So.California!

    1. Geez Dawn I thought you were referring to Albuquerque, NM, perfect description of this place a culture shock having moved here from South Lake Tahoe!

      1. BOB B… HEY! Watch what you say about The Q! True! But we don’t like it publicized! (And for whatever it’s worth – at least those things make The Q interesting! We found Lake Tahoe to be the singularly most boring place we’ve ever visited!)

  6. It is interesting how many articles I read about snakes in Hawaii I’m a retired exotic species specialist that I’ve owned more than 100 species of snakes over my lifetime

    I recognized the Braminy worm snake in Hilo as also having been imported with palm trees it was transported around the earth with. I have no question is the identification I supplied specimens to a paper in the journal Science. So yellow belly sea snake and worm snake One native one exotic.

      1. Yes actually other than the brown trout which was moved by the British the blind snake was transported around the earth in the dirt and roots of palm trees used as decorations in everything from golf courses to subdivisions and shopping malls.

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