Welcome to Beat of Hawaii

Welcome to Beat of Hawaii

Jeff and Rob have one news beat, and that’s Hawaii. Join 10 million annual viewers who read their island travel scoop. Covering Hawaii travel news since 2008.

E Komo Mai from your editors - Jeff and Rob.

Hawaii Travel News

Navigating the Aloha state's travel landscape has never been easier. Join us and make your Hawaii adventures unforgettable!

Hawaii Travel Tips

Insider's guide to making Hawaii travel work. The best beaches, activities, deals, and more.

Hawaii Culture & Events

Hawaii’s rich culture and history and intriguing current events that shape our islands.

Jeff's Picks

Sharing our favorite experiences with you. If Jeff is pleased, you may be too.

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Discover the latest Hawaii travel news, captivating stories, travel narratives, hidden gems, cultural insights, and more as you immerse yourself in our rich content. Your compass to the fascinating world of Hawaii travel.

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