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Blue Hawaii Celebrates 50 Years | Kauai Coco Palms Hotel

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii was filmed here on Kauai 50 years ago. The event is being commemorated with a special screening this weekend. When it comes to iconic Kauai films, this movie filmed at the Coco Coco Palms Hotel, will always be remembered.

This film was the first in which the Garden Island was shown to be Kauai and not used to represent another location.

Coco Palms in the News

Last month we learned that the Hurricane Inici destroyed property is apparently being sold to investors for redevelopment.

Relax Hotels is said to be working with a group to reopen the hotel. Previous attempts to either restore the hotel or turn it into a state park have failed. We’ll keep you updated on our home island development.

Coco Palms Tours

If you’d like to tour the completely dilapidated Coco Palms Hotel, sometimes thought of as the eyesore of Kauai, and see its still fabulous coconut grove first hand, tours are still available weekdays for $20.

We previously toured the Coco Palms property including the now plant overgrown bungalow where Elvis Presley stayed.

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