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Updated 6/22.

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Comment Policy:

* No profanity, rudeness, personal attacks, or bullying.
* Hawaii-focused “only.” General comments won’t be published.
* No links or UPPER CASE text. English only.
* No duplicate posts or using multiple names.
* Use a real first name.
* A “please” or “thanks” is required for a reply.
* Comments edited/published at our sole discretion.

Thank you for your comments, which have created a rich tapestry of ideas and information. We remain in an evolving, challenging, and passionate environment here in Hawaii.

Beat of Hawaii does not agree with all of the comments but we don’t want to slant approval of comments to those that share our views either. There is considerable value in hosting comments that express different points of view, and we hear that from readers regularly.

Comments that are primarily of a political nature and any that aren’t specifically related to Hawaii will be edited or not be published. This is a travel website.

If you need help.

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You may leave any questions and comments; many visitors will also help with answers. We will do so if you want us to reply, but only with a please or thanks. If you are asking about airfares to Hawaii, include interested travel dates and exact routes.

Comments that do not comply will be deleted. 

Thanks for your understanding and help.

Aloha and Mahalo from Rob and Jeff.

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