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Dynamic Pricing Just Drove Your Hawaii Airline Ticket Sky-High

What you can do as new technology increases the cost of Hawaii airfares, hotels, and vacation rentals.

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27 thoughts on “Dynamic Pricing Just Drove Your Hawaii Airline Ticket Sky-High”

  1. Thank you for a thorough explanation of such a complex system. I need to fly there each month and have gone from paying as little as $124.00 round trip from LAX to $502.00 on Hawaiian. It’s just nuts !!

  2. Dynamic pricing is no different from opportunists that cheat the public on the sale of water and other necessary commodoties by price gouging during hurricanes and other disasters…shame on Hawaiian Airlines! To earn the public’s trust, Hawaiian Air should know the cost of their service, set a fair profit margin and just stick with that price.

    1. 1- Its all airlines
      2-Hawaiian Airlines is no different than other airlines. Should they leave $$ on the table that others are collecting?

  3. Dynamic pricing has also greatly affected the awards ticket pricing. When we first started flying to Hawaii over a decade ago, I could get coach tickets for 20,000 miles on AA or 1st class for 40,000 no matter the routing. Now, while it is still possible to get flights for 20,000 AAdvantage miles, they are on horrendous routings that no one in their right mind would consider. A desirable routing can cost upwards of 50,000 AAdvantage miles in COACH! I was fortunate to get 1st class tickets for our trip in September for 50,000 AAdvantage miles about 3 months ago. Tickets for the same itinerary today is 115,000 AAdvantage miles – and those prices are each way!

    Mahalo, BOH.

    1. Hi Ed.

      Thanks for that perspective. We’re have noticed the same thing. It is getting much harder to obtain rewards.


  4. Hotels and condo rentals have yielded rates either by hand multiple times a day during peak seasons or with automated software for eons. The software that does it automatically at any moment day and night has been available at least 10 years. This is not surprising at all.

  5. Aloha, I find this information disturbing and sad. I live on the Big Island now and am constantly looking for flights for family and friends. I guess it is more important than ever to go incognito. On another note, I tried to rebook my daughter’s Hawaiian Airlines one-way flight due to a stomach bug. Because it was a basic fare they would not do it. My daughter ended up flying and when she got to the gate the flight was overbooked and they were offering $1000 vouchers to give up their seat. This is ridiculous. They obviously knew they were overbooked and could have saved themselves money by allowing my daughter a different flight. There is no common sense anymore. Mahalo for your information.

    1. Hi Tammy.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It seems we have had as many or more issues on interisland flights than on mainland ones.


  6. Always delete browsing history and cookies each time you look at fares or use a private browser oage. Shame on all the greedy airlines. Greed is rampant everywhere. I’d say plan a road trip instead – but who can afford the gas???


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