Starting Today - More Hawaii Covid Travel Changes Take Effect

Hawaii’s New Visitor Paradigm: “Ready To Travel; Willing to Pay More?”

Read what Hawaii Tourist Authority CEO wants and how that fits with the latest study of visitor trends.

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17 thoughts on “Hawaii’s New Visitor Paradigm: “Ready To Travel; Willing to Pay More?””

  1. Aloha! I’m a big believer in the adage of “you get what you pay for”, so if I can afford it, I will spend more, especially if it helps Hawaii’s economy. If I can’t, then I won’t go. When I have been to Hawaii, my hubby and I spent our money in grocery stores, local small mom and pop stores, etc. And when at restaurants, we tipped big to show our appreciation. Hawaii is worth every penny.

  2. I want to visit Big island, and waiting for a long time now.
    Whenever I try to visit then it seems requirement to get into Hawaii does change always because of COVID requirement change and it is a moving target. Is there a such web site that exactly tells what I have to pepare to visit Hawaii (before arrival to Hawaii) on such such week?

  3. Over tourism is killing Hawaii. The only benefit goes to the snorkel tour boats, bus companies, and hotels. Oh ya and the dreaded ugly cruise ships. Enough is enough

    1. Last time we visited the BI in Nov./Dec. 2021 we spent $ in grocery stores, fish markets, car rental agencies, bars, restaurants, farmer’s markets, coffee plantations, gas stations, convenience stores, gift shops and shipped home about $400 worth of Hawaiian goods. All of those places employ locals. We also paid tourist surcharges at parks and local taxes. Every local we met was unfailingly friendly and more gracious than some people in other places we have visited. All appreciated our business.

  4. Are they really thinking that it makes more sense to get a 1st time visitor, who while they may be willing to fork out 25% more, will never return again? I admit I look for the bargains, try to get the best experience for my money. But I’ve been to Hawaii over 20 times in the past 35 years. Being an older individual, travel anywhere, has been on hold for the past couple of years. And I can’t wait to come back. But will I be welcomed? Fewer people would be great, but who chooses who? Thanks


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