74 thoughts on “How do Hawaii Travelers View Other Visitors and Residents”

  1. I am literally shaking my head…who raised these people?!? I would no sooner be rude to the guy behind the counter at my local convenience store, let alone anyone I come into contact with while on vacation. Been to several islands in 5 different trips over the years, and never once felt unwelcome. And I have seen people exhibit rude behavior to others in restaurants and grocery stores where I live. I think it’s not necessarily unique to the islands, but maybe just a sign of an entitled generation who should have been raised with more manners and taught to respect others.
    I just recently found Beat of Hawaii, and I thoroughly enjoy the read! Thanks for your insights! Mahalo!

  2. Some of the questions above made me smile.
    “Someone is standing on rocks during high surf to get a photo and not respecting the ocean.”
    The ocean (actually, the surf) will solve that problem very easily. Not to worry.
    “Are you a visitor who thinks Hawaii is all about the beach or are you a visitor wanting to tap into Hawaii culture?”
    If you go to HI to surf, and surf with locals, and hang with them, isn’t that Hawaiian culture? It sure is as far as they are concerned. If you mean history, there are a lot of very good books. And of course one can study the language if that’s an objective.

  3. I was born and raised in hawaii. But unfortunately had to move. I came back to visit after 10 years… and wow has waikiki changed. My visit wasn’t long but I did ran into some quite privileged tourist. They scream and yell at the locals, being rude, and just had a nasty attitude. I was upset. It literally ruined my whole trip. I just wish, if you are planning to visit hawaii… be kind. Hawaii is a place for aloha (love). Learn the culture. Talk to the locals kindly and please stop yelling at them. They have it rough as it is. Its a place to enjoy your vacation, no time for rudeness. Mahalo.

    1. I have spent several months a year, for 12 years, mostly in Waikiki area. That ended with COVID. Never once heard anyone yelling at a local (heard locals yelling at kooks in the water, though). Maybe the hard-core tourist traps and really upscale hotels are different, but never went there so I can’t say.

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