Travel Industry Updates

hyatt-conciergeHyatt Hotels Twitter can really help. In what may be an important indication of the future of Twitter in travel, the hotel chain has introduced their online virtual concierge.  You can now contact your Hyatt hotel via Twitter with questions, or even just to tell them you’ll be arriving late.  If you’re not yet on Twitter, maybe this is the time to consider joining in the fun.  Here’s why.

ual2Follow United’s Twitter, and win.  Speaking again of Twitter, United Airlines has recently chimed in.  If you are one of their first 10,000 followers (they have over 9,500 already) and register on their website, you’ll receive an undisclosed gift.  Even if you aren’t in the first 10,000, last week United began Tweeting some excellent deals not found elsewhere.

Are you ready to fly on a Chinese-made Airbus? The first A320 made in China completed its inaugural flight last week. You’ll a320have to go to China to fly on this plane however, as it will be flown by Sichuan Airways.

As I wrote about nearly a year ago, China’s role in global airliner production will be ever-increasing.  They currently plan to manufacture their own 757-sized planes.

jetblue1JetBlue’s Refund Assurance.  While this may not help you here in Hawaii (since obviously Jet Blue does not fly here), I was pleased to see that if you purchase a ticket or package and subsequently loose your full-time job, JetBlue will refund your money.

Continental’s Upcoming Downgrade.  Flying Continental to Hawaii?  Get ready for 737 service.  Starting this summer, look for Continental to replace at least continental-logo1some of its existing 757 service with 737-900’s, between Los Angeles and Honolulu.

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